Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Auction Results How many passed in , that is where you should look...

Click this link 

 This is a link for auction results.

Suggestion -------study it.... see what the auctions are doing.

Should you sell at Auction.????

But the better thing here is how many are being passed in.


Good for investors? WHY?

To be honest here Auctions can be your draw card, find out which ones passed in.

These sellers are stressed out,
they spent all this money
they expected it to sell
and now they just want the bloody thing sold.
the agent is getting complaints from them and often is more willing to take

your new offers to the sellers to get them off their back...

I don't want to step on agent's toes here but they try their best then they need to
deal with the new situation. They are better educated now and try a different tactic.

So look at auctions that have passed in and see what deals are around

check out this link 
How many passed in , that is where you should look...


Changes Below ... Good News

should now have the same wording making it easy to understand LEP from different councils.
The first of these new LEPs is expected to be made early in 2008
and by 2011 all 152 councils will have made their standard instrument LEPs.


The standard LEP introduces standard terms and definitions  to all councils within the State.
The number of definitions will be reduced from 1,700 to 250
Common planning terms and number of zones reduced from  3,100 categories to about 40

as well as standard zones
coastal councils to prepare by 2009
other councils by 2011.


Improving the NSW Planning System, DoP discussion paper, 2008, p 27:
“Standard LEP"

Now go check out your local LEP and see if it has some changes,
which you may be able to take advantage of, by zone changes or Development potential.
Maybe a commercial or industrial area is now zone residential ????hmmmm

Thursday, 24 March 2011

As a property investor , you want to check out any objection in the area.

What am I reading, wow interesting !!!! Stuff .... but good to know?

Hint/tip of the day before i get to the Nity Grity.

As a property investor , you want to check out any objection in the area.
You will find 2 things
1. What developments are planned
2. What developments are in debate

Check out this site click link
 now type in your property suburb.
How can I politically correct say this. UMMM I can basically see if the Greens
are objecting to or in the favor of development in the area, or there are just too
many busy "Greenies" that they have no cause in this area.
You can spot the good and bad of that argument.

I typed in an area in the top right had search of the website and found an interesting development,
in an area I was looking at.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


You need to remind your self that you are on  a mission . These video's help you refresh
your reason and task you have ahead to change your life.
He mentions 3 things what where they.
Write them down and rememebr them and tell your self each day how you are going to do it.
Write them on a post a note and put on your car dash or bathroom wall.
These are the 2 places you think the most. Am I right !!!!!!!!!

this guys website is Damien Clarke

I think that everyone just needs a start , if you need a further push then  also check out some motivational speakers like the best I know is Pat Mesiti 
watch this little dynamo

ok have a great day, dream big, be positive , be great.


Regards to all the people I meet at Cashflow.
I hope you are all super motivated and going to join up for Ultimate.
I started from a  The Ultimate Real Estate Success Coaching Program.
3 Day BOOTCAMP.  Link is here
contact Knowledge Source · Tel: (03) 9490 8888 · Email:

Ok today I was at my 2 reno properties.
I had about 5 trades come out and quote on the one job at one of the properties.
The same job.
Yes tip here get lots of quotes. I have someone that I like but need to have a selection of quotes to compare and submit to my other partners.

It is totally ok to get quotes, but make it clear that you have to share quotes with your partners. You will find a tradesman you can really relate to.
I would also ask them if they are doing any recent work , can you have the address.

It does not hurt asking questions, and asking if they are licensed. You are asking on behalf of your business partners. It is professional to make sure that you can have a second eye by a partner on quotes to see if there is anything you over looked.
Some quick websites to just get some simple quotes on a job.

Compare Prices Online from $15/Hour

Oh also while you are in that 6 weeks waiting period or even when you are just about to buy the property you can get the quotes , not after. Its a negotiation with the agent.

Growth and Cashflow Conference NOTES

Thanks for Watching my talk today

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Growth and Cashflow Conference NOTES

Thanks for Watching my talk today
or simply just click link below

click this link

I use these tools to find deals.
If you want to be trained by my Coach,
and you want to use the tools I use to find the Deals .
BUT need to know how to make the maximum PROFIT, you need
I started from a  The Ultimate Real Estate Success Coaching Program.
3 Day BOOTCAMP.  Link is here
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Please when you are at the Ultimate Boot Camp come see me at the room , just ask staff for Platinum
Student Jason the tech Guy.

p.s to stay up to date this site updates daily and will supply updates on events and knowledge I share
Please also look at previous blogs , just look on the right hand side of page.
email me at 

Friday, 18 March 2011

More suburbs join $1 million club

Hello, again
Today I am blogging from Growth and Cashflow at Darling Harbour.
Its a free 3 day conference hosted by Dymphna Boholt.
If you still want to go SAT and SUNDAY , just go to

Now reading articles yesterday. I came across an article called " More suburbs join $1 million club"  by The Australian.
Great article , good for investing information. It goes through new million dollar suburbs.
Quote from article.
Data from property research firm RP Data yesterday showed there were 55 more million-dollar suburbs than in the previous year and 134 more than in 2005.

Of the 212 suburbs, 
56 per cent were in Sydney,
20 per cent in Victoria, 
12 per cent in Western Australia and
6 per cent in Queensland.

For the third year in a row, Peppermint Grove in Perth was the most expensive suburb in the country, with a median house price of $4.6 million

Interesting !!!! Is your investing targets in these suburbs or how much growth have they had.

ther suburbs to make the list included;
•    Vaucluse, NSW with a median house price of $3.6 million
•    Bellevue Hill, NSW with a median house price of $3.4 million
•    Dalkeith, WA with a median house price of $2.8 million
•    Dover Heights, NSW with a median house price of $2.7 million
According to Australian Property Monitors chief economist  Andrew Wilson, one area in Sydney that is showcasing strong buying opportunities for investors is the well-located inner west and inner south west.
“I think the struggle to get closer to the CBD, to commute, is becoming more profound for Sydneysiders and any areas that still remain within a reasonably affordable band are a good opportunity for investors,” he said.

REMEMBER quick link to here

Thursday, 17 March 2011

One more day till 3 day DYMPHNA

One more day till 3 day DYMPHNA.
This woman changed my life. She is inspiration, Honest and so great to watch.
If you have not seen her before ,. be prepared to get excited.
Its free guys , so don't miss out... She is a life changer....
I am living proof.
You can still attend go to

I was recently reading a report found at housing NSW
if you want to down load it just <CLICK ME>

It was a good guide, and I say guide because a lot has changed since last year.
The report shows Median Sale Prices - Greater Metropolitan Region by Postcodes - Sep 2010
in NSW. Keep it on file for areas to buy in , remember only a guide. Things change
so frequently that you can only use it as a guide of seeing what values can be in the areas,
you are looking.     

free e-book <CLICK ME >

its Think and Grow Rich , here is the wiki

Think and Grow Rich is a motivational personal development and self-help book written by Napoleon Hill [1] and inspired by a suggestion from Scottish-American businessman Andrew Carnegie. It was first published in 1937 during the Great Depression.[2] It remains the biggest seller of Napoleon Hill's books - a perennial best-seller after 70 years (BusinessWeek Magazine's Best-Seller List ranked Think and Grow Rich as the sixth best-selling paperback business book 70 years after it was first
or go here and download 2 chapters 

for free AUDIO BOOK

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

How much is it worth

I often get a lot of debate over what a property is worth in an area.
1. way to do it ask a real estate agent what they think its worth.
2. ask a real estate agent if you bought it what it would be worth after a reno.

books to check out by PAT MESITI
Opportunity Knocks: Open the Door to an Extraordinary Life
Super Success Strategies

 ok here we go How much is it worth
This way you don't do the work they do. You ask them to give you comparable sales after.
3. go to find previous sales

I also am trying out this site
don't know how it will be but I have nothing to loose do I.

I will  let you know how they go.

I went to the ultimate achievers event tonight to see PAT MESITI
I really enjoy his plain sense and he always wakes me up.
He has a CD package that I want they send you CD every month that you just listen to,
in your car. You get them in mail then you put in cd of your car, while in traffic.
It's great , You don't really need to say why not. IT is really cheap.
call Don and Jan and ask them about the deal. Sounds good to me.
Pat your a legend , and I really like that a percentage of your products go to your charities.
Absolutely great.

now also FREE BLOODY EVENT, with the best I have seen, The gold coast just had this and all my mates went and newbies and said it was more then they expected. So go just go its FREE.
Growth & Cashflow 2011
Fri 18th – Sun 20th March
Sydney Convention Centre
Click link below and GO.

Times: (Registration: 8:30am) Start: 9:00am - Finish: 7:00pm

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Fraud information Title insurance

It is an audio file you can listen to online and its great Fraud information.
simple click link and listen
one way go here


How to release a mortgage. Queensland
When a mortgage that uses property to secure a loan is repaid, the mortgagee will sign a document to release the property from the mortgage.  The owner is usually responsible for releasing a mortgage from the title to the property. If you buy a property , you should check with your solicitor if this has been done.
link :

Releasing a mortgage
When a mortgage that uses property to secure a loan is repaid, the financial institution or person who loaned the money (the mortgagee) signs a document (Land Registry Form 3—Release) that, once it has been registered in the Queensland Titles Registry, releases the property from the mortgage.

The owner should lodge the release in the Titles Registry as soon as possible, because if it is lost or destroyed, removing the mortgage from the title will incur additional costs and considerable delays if they want to use the property in future transactions.

Lodging a release of mortgage
The owner receives the signed release and any associated documents from the mortgagee.

Though an owner does not need a certificate of title as proof of ownership, they may request one by lodging Form 19—Application for certificate of title, when they lodge the release, or at any future time. More information about certificate of title.

Once the release has been registered, the mortgage is removed from the property title.
Lodgement fees

See the online fee calculator for the current fees payable. link

Lodgement centres
You can lodge a release between 8.30 am and 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday, at DERM business centres at Beenleigh, Bundaberg, Caboolture, Cairns, Gold Coast (Robina), Gympie, Ipswich, Kingaroy, Mackay, Maryborough, Nambour, Rockhampton, Roma, Toowoomba, Townsville or 53 Albert Street Brisbane.
You can also lodge a release by mail (for an additional cost), but you must enclose a cheque for the payment of fees.

WARNING-------Listen to it now!!!!!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Land tax calculator

Land Tax Calculator

Land tax calculator

Land tax online services available. Update your contact and property details.
This calculator will estimate the amount of your land tax liability in NSW.
This calculator does not include calculations for land owned by special trusts or related companies.
Read more information
Find the value of your land

Transfer of land or business calculator

This calculator will estimate the amount of duty you need to pay on the sale or transfer of land or a business in NSW.
Value includes any GST being paid by purchaser.
more info click here

Transfer land or business

This includes deferring the abolition of duty on the transfer of business assets (other than land), statutory licences or permissions to 1 July 2012.


A sale or transfer of land (including improvements) or a business in NSW is liable to duty.
It is immaterial whether or not the transaction is effected by a written instrument or by other means, including electronic means.
A liability for duty arises when the sale or transfer occurs. However, if the sale or transfer is effected by a written instrument, liability for duty arises when the instrument is first executed.
Duty is payable within 3 months of the date liability arises. The purchaser or transferee is liable to pay the duty.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Free Research tool Brisbane Overland Flow Path

Ok so from time to time I find a property in Brisbane.
As you know my main focus is Sydney, but I have done stuff before in Brisbane and the Real Estate agents are really really nice.
Yes there are deals up there , but also issues.
one of them is Overland Flow Path.

FLOOD AND PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT FLAGS:   Overland Flow Path - Mapping indicates this property is in an overland flow path. Overland flow is the excess run-off during high rainfall events that travels overland following low-lying, natural drainage paths. Such flooding commonly occurs when underground drainage exceeds capacity. It is recommended you consult a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland to determine this property’s habitable floor level and flooding depth.

This could mean that development could needs a extensive Hydraulics Engineer Report and should spark
warning bells.

So how do you find out.
Freebie !!!!!! YEs!!!! give it to me........
and put in the address and it will tell you straight away.
Wow cool.
but just because it has the issue might not be something that you cannot overcome.
1. get a town planner to investigate further.
also check out this site. Could be interesting

also remember please share this blog with your friends
ALSO GREAT FREE EVENT go to this link to find out more

Thursday, 10 March 2011

property women love

Cool site
I like this site , has 2 things I love
property and women.
Its called wait for it ...................................
learnt some things. warning the site is VERY PINK.
FREEBIE this week is straight from them.
click link

I thought that after qld flooded there might be some deals up there but maybe not so easy.

Comments from Judith Taylor of Property Women, Newcastle

From the perspective of Newcastle’s 2 disasters, being the earthquake in 1989 and the Pasha Bulka floods in 2007, once the dust settled, the economy was certainly boosted, properties were upgraded and improved and values went up considerably.  The June 2007 floods claimed 11 lives and forced the evacuation of thousands due to flood damage.  Many tenants had to vacate properties they were renting and many homeowners whose properties were made uninhabitable also had to seek alternative accommodation.  Rental properties were at a premium and many moved in with family and friends because there were no rentals available.  In some cases homes were uninhabitable for 18 months while the owners waited in line for builders.  Others found that their insurance did not cover them for flood, leaving them to undertake their own repairs or sell the property due to loss of rental income.  Some of the areas affected had been largely inhabited by elderly home owners, many of whom moved straight into aged care, with their houses going on the market in “as is condition”.   I was poised and ready to find myself a bargain, however the bargains I thought I’d find didn’t happen.  The “as is” properties sold for much more than I considered them to be worth under the circumstances.  In the scheme of things, it didn’t take long for people to forget that these houses had been 2.5metres under water and they began paying much higher prices for them, once they were repaired and renovated because they not only looked  “nice” but were in central location.  These suburbs have continued to thrive in both capital growth and rental return. For more information on Property Women click here.

Want to read more....or just skip to bottom for freebie
The future of Brisbane Property values.

Probably a reflection of the past. A ‘gun-shy’ period where everyone’s ‘flood radar’ is up. A drop in value of the affected properties (not necessarily the whole suburb).

It does depend if we get another event within a few years... that would really scare the pigeons!

I think the shortage of suitable property may wipe out the vacancy factors in the short term. Many people are staying with friends, family or emergency accommodation and they will tire of that within months. I can’t see tenants rushing back into an area that has flooded and wiped out their belongings.

Fully furnished property may be in demand for a period until people get back on their feet.

Building costs about to soar as the emerging energy industry grabs the few tradies available who are not fixing up houses. Remember there is flooding over a lot of Qld towns and other states as well, so where are these tradies going to come from?

I would think as long as this event is not repeated in the short term there is a chance that well located and flood free property will maintain or increase it’s value, especially as I think there has to be a major increase in overseas migration to handle the impending explosion in multi-billion dollar energy projects.

I would think an increase in demand for property in the next few years is near as guaranteed. Availability of finance is a whole different question and will have an effect on what is actually built.

All in all the great flood of 2011 is just a blip on the radar of the long term investor with well researched property but a massive blow to the flood affected home owner or investor who either by lack of research or a wish to defy the odds with a gamble on the weather bought property in these areas and are paying the price.

freebie: but better be quick
Win an Ipad!
Win an Ipad!
Posted: 2 Feb 2011

Do you have a growing property portfolio? Would you like to share your story and help educate and inspire other Property Women on their investment journey?  We'd love to hear from all stories received by 18 March 2011 will also go in the running to win an iPad.

Send your story to (no more than 500 words)

BUT wow another tip before I go.
Check them out see if you could save with one of these cards.
See you tomorrow remember easy link for daily blog

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


In New South Wales there are different laws of negotiation then other states
There is an out clause to all deals called the Gazump.
click link below to read the link I have taken this from.

I have been gazumped many times, and the trick here is to just move on to the next deal. RE do it all the time they have a wife and kids and need the higher commission. If you are happy with your offer then be happy and look for an even better deal. I think if your a good person things happen for a reason, try and understand that some things are out of your control and amazingly, when things have not worked my way, I look back at it 6 months later and say ok well that happen and that lead me to this, so I accept it.

Gazumping , Now this happens, all the time yes all the time. Almost so that you have to expect it to happen so much that I tell my RE Agent , don't Gazump me. But how do you do this????
You don't want to pay too much , but you don't want to loose it either.
The plain fact is that it is going to happen.
I don't think highly of agents that do this after they have told you that there are no other offer's and it is up to the the buyer to accept your offer.
Don't believe them but also don't believe them when they say there is another person bidding against you.
They sometimes make excuses and things happen. They could say it wasn't me some other guy at the office did the deal too.....I have heard it all.
I look at every property for what it is worth its true value to me, and look at so many deals that there is always another one available to me.

Ways to avoid.
The only good thing about Gazumping is that you can outbid someone else with in the time before the owner signs a contract with the other buyer.
The importance here is that that the contracts have to exchange and deposit paid.
Only then is the property yours, up until this time you can get Gazumped.

So like I say it can happen so asap exchange the contracts and get solicitor on to the signing asap.
Don't let your solicitor slow things down and hassle the sellers solicitor to sign asap aswell.
What ever you do don't accept that when the agent says the property is yours it is.
The property is yours old when the solicitor signs.

Also once you submit an offer there is a clause you should be aware of
five-day cooling off period commencing from the time of exchange of the contracts. Only the purchaser can waive the cooling off period and it can be extended by agreement. During this time, you can do a building and pest inspection and have the contract examined. However, if you rescind the contract during this period, you forfeit .25% of the purchase price to the vendor, as the property has been taken off the market for a period of time. The amount forfeited is recovered from the deposit you paid under the contract. If the amount of the deposit is insufficient, you will have to provide the necessary additional funds. You should find information relating to the cooling off period in your contract.

REMEMBER your solicitor is your best friend , they will check the contract , and if you have a good one they will exchange quickly and tell them you don't want delay Please. Good idea to send your solicitor a bottle of wine after this. Reminds me I owe mine a bottle.

freebie of the day

I have to credit this one to a good mate Roy.
go to . This site is great , it is better in some cases then google , because
it is sometime s more recent and can really show you new developments and also great, too look back at properties you looked at and maybe did not buy to see what they did with it. please don't look at my address , I think I was nude sunbathing at the time....
remember you can get to this blog quickly at

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

GREAT EVENT Ultimate Achievers

 Busy night below is the blurb about Ultimate Achievers
its an exclusive club where people meet and talk about property , all the help is there if you need to 
get some advice or just feel motivated.
 Tonight Network Meeting being held in Sydney on Tuesday 8th March 2011.

At this meeting we will discuss and share what each of us is achieving or would like to achieve in the area of property investment. We are keen to get together with like minded people to network with each other to discuss our goals and future direction and offer support if needed in an informal environment. 

Guest Speaker: Ashley Windus, AMC Lawyers
Ashley Windus has had extensive experience in litigation and commercial law and will present on a number of interesting topics:
-       Entering into commercial arrangements: incorporated entities, partnerships and joint ventures.
-       Protecting your ass..ets: some thoughts about insurance.
-       Owning property jointly: the difference between a joint tenancy and a tenancy in common.
-       What happens if I am incapacitated: Powers of Attorney and Enduring Guardianships?
-       What happens when I die: Wills and Testamentary Trusts?

Guest Speaker: Tony Peate, Investor Accounting Network
Tony has been an Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants since 1992 and also holds his Certificate of Public Practice with the Institute.  He is a Registered Tax Agent with the Australian Taxation Office and has a number of investment properties himself, held over varying periods of time.

Tony offers personal, business and investor related accounting services, including specialist structuring, asset protection and accounting advice and his presentation will cover:
-       Tax audit Insurance
-       Lending between structures including loan agreements and taxation consequences
-       Land tax as it relates to Discretionary Trusts across states
-       Capital Gains Tax calculations, in and out of structures, on negatively geared properties

Date:              Tuesday 8th March 2011
Time:             6.30pm for 7pm start until 9pm
Location:       The Argyle Room
                    Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL
                     20-26 Canterbury Rd, Hurlstone Park
Parking:        There is plenty of parking available in the RSL car park.
RSVP:           A small fee is payable to cover venue hire charges, refer payment options below.

Catering is not included at the function.  If you would like dinner before the event we would suggest you come for an early dinner at the RSL’s Bistro.

Payment Options:
By Credit Card  $10.50 (which includes a 50c credit card fee) Click this link:
(If the link doesn’t work, please copy and paste the code into a new browser window.)

By EFT  $10.00 (no credit card fee)
Bank:                  Greater Building Society
Account Name:   Ultimate Achievers
BSB:                  637 000
Account:             718209927
Reference:          Your Surname
NOTE: If you use this option, please send us an email advising us of the deposit.

We think that having a network of contacts to bounce ideas around is a key part to helping achieve your goals and look forward to seeing you there.

Don’t forget to bring business cards, a notepad and pen.  Happy Investing!

Jan Milne
Ultimate Achievers Club
Website: (under construction)

BUT THERE IS MORE freebie tip for the day.
sell your property yourself check out these guys $247 for listings , signs etc. 
See you tonight. don't forget you can just go to each day for updates.

The buyer isn't always the right buyer!!!!

Ok we need to reno so now we need to buy stuff to transform our property into a modern finish.

Interesting discussion today with an agent friend.

We where examining properties and trying to work out why certain reno's  got different prices in certain areas. Now tradition reno meant renovation. We typically think take something that was old and Restore, but renovation is not always restore. It should be called Transformation instead.

The buyer will determine the difference.
Let's look at an area and the buyer . The area has many old houses and we come across a property,
which we have 2 options.
One option is to restore reno.
Sand things back, redo the paint and buy an
antique fireplace from the auctions and replace some marble surround and polish up the wooden grain
kitchen. We can restore this property and end up with a great old style polished gem. Restore the old and keep the character of the property. We then list this property in the hope the buyer will fall in love and appreciate the restoration. This area we looked has many old homes and does have buyers that appreciate this and will pay.

This area is trendy and the percentage of older buyers to new buyers is less.
We need to now look at taking the property apart. Ripping out all the old features and stripping it out and modernizing the inside. Same property, same trendy area. BUT our buyers are now more like the 70% instead of the 30% of people wanting the Restore property, and in this case this 70% group pays more on average for the deal.

I saw this happen in my local area, a house was renovated restored and sold for say $730000, but if you ripped the guts out of it and gyp-rock and new slick kitchen, by-fold doors. Floor Boards.
WE COULD GET $850000 , I am not kidding.

So when you go looking for houses , also look at the buyers in that area that are bidding against you. What demographic are they. The young can sometimes afford more then the old , and probably borrow more too....
something to consider.

Oh the freebie

Well this one is a super tip.......................
wait for it....................
ok save you lots of money.......................

ok its a trick for the
auction site.
Don't tell grays I told you this....

Ian this one is for you baby.........
go to the website
now see things you want to bid on.
trick ....don't bid ......if you bid you are only pushing the price up......
Grays is not ebay . The trick is that it does not end at the end time. It ends after the end time.
The rule is if the price is being bid up at say 8:00pm end time then if at 8:00pm no bids are coming it ends , but if bids are coming in it keeps going another 5 minutes.
So the trick I see a bath it ends at 8:00pm I bid after 8:01 pm and then I get and others till 8:05pm to
put another bid in if another bid comes in it goes another 10 minutes , till no one bids for
10 minutes then it ends.
click link below
Like a traditional live auction, every auction at GraysOnline offers a 'Going, Going, Gone' period. An Auction will not close until all interested parties have stopped bidding for a full ten minutes.
For every bid placed in the last ten minutes of an auction it will be extended for a further ten minutes from the time of that bid.
This will continue until there are no more successful bids placed.
For example if an auction is scheduled to close at 9:00pm and a bid is placed at 8:51pm it will push the auction into the 'Going, Going, Gone' period.
If no further bids are placed the auction will close at 9:01pm. If another bid is placed at 8:57pm the auction will stay open until 9:07pm, if another bidder places a bid at 9:03pm the auction will stay open until 9:13pm, and so forth until no bids have been placed for a ten minute period.
The Going, Going, Gone period ensures all interested parties have the opportunity to place their final bid. It also gives every one an equal opportunity to place bids, as many of our customers are located in rural areas and do not have access to high speed internet.
The person(s) with the highest bid at the end of the 'Going, Going, Gone' period is the winner.
Please make sure you are constantly refreshing your screen during the 'Going, Going, Gone' period to ensure all information is up to date.
If you would like more information on the 'Going, Going, Gone' period, please contact our Customer Service Help Centre on 1300 36 25 36 or email

remember to get back here easier just type in

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Paint and dads

EASY LINK my new direct website to this blog.
When I first started investing I found the book there on the left.
I was 3 years younger and not really a teen but still fresh in the realm of investing.

Rich dad Poor dad, really made me acknowledge that what I thought was right or
at least I had some one that agreed with me.
Buy it for your kids.

If your kid hates books, better mp3.

Yes download them them mp3 for their ipod.
clik link below

Currently it looks like by next week I could have 3 houses bought and need to be renovated. I really want great refinishes of paint.

Today: Spoke to new investors from plat, with painting business. I quizzed on
how do people get that great finish that almost looks like it was sprayed.
Was told that it is all in the paint. Water based is more of a brush stroke look
and Oil-based paint has a high gloss, shiny finish. 

here are some info on paints that I found on the internet that answered some questions for me.
found at

Oil-Based Paints

Oil-based paint has a high gloss, shiny finish. It is durable and stain resistant, making it an excellent choice for areas that are susceptible to frequent stains, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and household trim. The paint is slow-drying (12 - 48 hours), and is easily marred before it is dry. Because of the glossy finish, imperfections are easily noticed. Additionally, oil-based paint emits flammable fumes and spilled paint is difficult to clean up. Paint thinner or other solvents are necessary for cleaning brushes, spills, and other mishaps. If the painting surface is not well prepared, oil-based paint flakes. To determine if old paint is oil-based, break off a chip and try to bend it: if it snaps readily, it is oil-based paint.

Latex / Acrylic Paints

Latex paint is popular with amateur painters and do-it-yourselfers because it is easy to use and cleans up readily with soap and water. Acrylic resins in the paint provide even coverage and emit less odor than oil-based paints. Because it is thin, latex paint readily shows brush strokes, but it dries in only a few hours and multiple coats can be applied in a single day. On the other hand, latex paint takes weeks to properly cure and is easy to stain and damage during that time. Latex paint is available in a variety of finishes, from flat paint (no gloss) to a high gloss finish, and homeowners can choose different finishes to add texture and contrast to a project. A chip of latex paint will bend rather than snap, but always consult a painting professional if there is any doubt about the type of paint.

Below are some results from a recent reno paint job.

We used Zinsser Bulleyes 1-2-3 primer from Dulux The coverage is excellent and it does the trick.

oh the freebie here you go.
ok here is a itunes link go there and download the podcast then sync your iPod or iPhone and
select podcast included in sync and you can listen on the go or better still

Get your kids  to download it and listen ...its free

Again if anyone needs a question answer on how to do something both
technical or advice on investing let me know and i will include it in blog.

Saturday, 5 March 2011


Hi Jason here,
Hi this is the first introduction of my new blog.
I have to say that first off this was so easy.
Ha ha (some people saying yeah right for you)
but it was and it was (as always) a part of gmail.

My intention is to share my thoughts of property

Blogging is fun and rewarding and as part of my goals, it ticks a few boxes for me and my mentor.
Today I would like to share my passion.

First off a freebie !!!! YEAH !!!!

Here you go , Redesign your house layout.
Download free program for MAC and PC (jonny bone).
wont hold you up here is the link.

its great, I am really into reno's and redesigning houses so you will love this.
Try it out......or watch video , its really easy guys try it out

now see it in video mode extra cool

What did I do this morning?

looked at 2 properties , one reno one sub divide. Both off the market.
What does this mean "off the market".
well in this case it means it has not been listed or else I have put an offer in and
I want to buy this property so I have taken it off the market myself.

I used the above program to draw a layout of the property for my investor and
showed them how the house looked inside ,
because no pictures yet since no promo done (off the market) I did one myself.

Again try it out its easier then it looks.

See you next time. If you would like us to find you a deal or even just present one
for your consideration then we are happy to put you on our list.

Thanks once again to all the other plat's and my mentor's DB and BB.
You inspired me and changed me to believe in myself and change the world.

Please comment below, ask me what you want me to blog about and I might just do that.

Next time I will tell you how to subscribe to my blogs, or just check this site when you want to see
what I am doing today.