Friday, 11 March 2011

Free Research tool Brisbane Overland Flow Path

Ok so from time to time I find a property in Brisbane.
As you know my main focus is Sydney, but I have done stuff before in Brisbane and the Real Estate agents are really really nice.
Yes there are deals up there , but also issues.
one of them is Overland Flow Path.

FLOOD AND PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT FLAGS:   Overland Flow Path - Mapping indicates this property is in an overland flow path. Overland flow is the excess run-off during high rainfall events that travels overland following low-lying, natural drainage paths. Such flooding commonly occurs when underground drainage exceeds capacity. It is recommended you consult a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland to determine this property’s habitable floor level and flooding depth.

This could mean that development could needs a extensive Hydraulics Engineer Report and should spark
warning bells.

So how do you find out.
Freebie !!!!!! YEs!!!! give it to me........
and put in the address and it will tell you straight away.
Wow cool.
but just because it has the issue might not be something that you cannot overcome.
1. get a town planner to investigate further.
also check out this site. Could be interesting

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