Tuesday, 15 March 2011

How much is it worth

I often get a lot of debate over what a property is worth in an area.
1. way to do it ask a real estate agent what they think its worth.
2. ask a real estate agent if you bought it what it would be worth after a reno.

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 ok here we go How much is it worth
This way you don't do the work they do. You ask them to give you comparable sales after.
3. go to http://www.realestate.com.au/sold find previous sales

I also am trying out this site http://propertyappraisalsonline.com.au/
don't know how it will be but I have nothing to loose do I.

I will  let you know how they go.

I went to the ultimate achievers event tonight to see PAT MESITI
I really enjoy his plain sense and he always wakes me up.
He has a CD package that I want they send you CD every month that you just listen to,
in your car. You get them in mail then you put in cd of your car, while in traffic.
It's great , You don't really need to say why not. IT is really cheap.
call Don and Jan and ask them about the deal. Sounds good to me.
Pat your a legend , and I really like that a percentage of your products go to your charities.
Absolutely great.

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