Saturday, 5 March 2011


Hi Jason here,
Hi this is the first introduction of my new blog.
I have to say that first off this was so easy.
Ha ha (some people saying yeah right for you)
but it was and it was (as always) a part of gmail.

My intention is to share my thoughts of property

Blogging is fun and rewarding and as part of my goals, it ticks a few boxes for me and my mentor.
Today I would like to share my passion.

First off a freebie !!!! YEAH !!!!

Here you go , Redesign your house layout.
Download free program for MAC and PC (jonny bone).
wont hold you up here is the link.

its great, I am really into reno's and redesigning houses so you will love this.
Try it out......or watch video , its really easy guys try it out

now see it in video mode extra cool

What did I do this morning?

looked at 2 properties , one reno one sub divide. Both off the market.
What does this mean "off the market".
well in this case it means it has not been listed or else I have put an offer in and
I want to buy this property so I have taken it off the market myself.

I used the above program to draw a layout of the property for my investor and
showed them how the house looked inside ,
because no pictures yet since no promo done (off the market) I did one myself.

Again try it out its easier then it looks.

See you next time. If you would like us to find you a deal or even just present one
for your consideration then we are happy to put you on our list.

Thanks once again to all the other plat's and my mentor's DB and BB.
You inspired me and changed me to believe in myself and change the world.

Please comment below, ask me what you want me to blog about and I might just do that.

Next time I will tell you how to subscribe to my blogs, or just check this site when you want to see
what I am doing today.

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