Sunday, 6 March 2011

Paint and dads

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When I first started investing I found the book there on the left.
I was 3 years younger and not really a teen but still fresh in the realm of investing.

Rich dad Poor dad, really made me acknowledge that what I thought was right or
at least I had some one that agreed with me.
Buy it for your kids.

If your kid hates books, better mp3.

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Currently it looks like by next week I could have 3 houses bought and need to be renovated. I really want great refinishes of paint.

Today: Spoke to new investors from plat, with painting business. I quizzed on
how do people get that great finish that almost looks like it was sprayed.
Was told that it is all in the paint. Water based is more of a brush stroke look
and Oil-based paint has a high gloss, shiny finish. 

here are some info on paints that I found on the internet that answered some questions for me.
found at

Oil-Based Paints

Oil-based paint has a high gloss, shiny finish. It is durable and stain resistant, making it an excellent choice for areas that are susceptible to frequent stains, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and household trim. The paint is slow-drying (12 - 48 hours), and is easily marred before it is dry. Because of the glossy finish, imperfections are easily noticed. Additionally, oil-based paint emits flammable fumes and spilled paint is difficult to clean up. Paint thinner or other solvents are necessary for cleaning brushes, spills, and other mishaps. If the painting surface is not well prepared, oil-based paint flakes. To determine if old paint is oil-based, break off a chip and try to bend it: if it snaps readily, it is oil-based paint.

Latex / Acrylic Paints

Latex paint is popular with amateur painters and do-it-yourselfers because it is easy to use and cleans up readily with soap and water. Acrylic resins in the paint provide even coverage and emit less odor than oil-based paints. Because it is thin, latex paint readily shows brush strokes, but it dries in only a few hours and multiple coats can be applied in a single day. On the other hand, latex paint takes weeks to properly cure and is easy to stain and damage during that time. Latex paint is available in a variety of finishes, from flat paint (no gloss) to a high gloss finish, and homeowners can choose different finishes to add texture and contrast to a project. A chip of latex paint will bend rather than snap, but always consult a painting professional if there is any doubt about the type of paint.

Below are some results from a recent reno paint job.

We used Zinsser Bulleyes 1-2-3 primer from Dulux The coverage is excellent and it does the trick.

oh the freebie here you go.
ok here is a itunes link go there and download the podcast then sync your iPod or iPhone and
select podcast included in sync and you can listen on the go or better still

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Again if anyone needs a question answer on how to do something both
technical or advice on investing let me know and i will include it in blog.

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