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Ok today I was at my 2 reno properties.
I had about 5 trades come out and quote on the one job at one of the properties.
The same job.
Yes tip here get lots of quotes. I have someone that I like but need to have a selection of quotes to compare and submit to my other partners.

It is totally ok to get quotes, but make it clear that you have to share quotes with your partners. You will find a tradesman you can really relate to.
I would also ask them if they are doing any recent work , can you have the address.

It does not hurt asking questions, and asking if they are licensed. You are asking on behalf of your business partners. It is professional to make sure that you can have a second eye by a partner on quotes to see if there is anything you over looked.
Some quick websites to just get some simple quotes on a job.


Compare Prices Online from $15/Hourhttp://www.serviceseeking.com.au/new-job/new/tradesman/tradesman-nsw-1.html?gclid=CM_Bsfba36cCFQHhbgods1na8w

Oh also while you are in that 6 weeks waiting period or even when you are just about to buy the property you can get the quotes , not after. Its a negotiation with the agent.

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