Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Dymphna loves this book Richest Man in Babylon

Dymphna's top ten books this one is up the top.
I put the book link on the side because it is bloody cheap to get of amazon.

"What can a book written in the 1920s tell modern investors about their finances? A whole lot if it's George Clason's delightful set of parables that explain the basics of money. This is a great gift for a graduate or anyone who seems baffled by the world of finance and a wonderful, refreshing read for even the most experienced investor."
-Los Angeles Times

Product Description

Hailed as a modern-day classic, this celebrated bestseller offers an understanding of-and a solution to-personal financial problems. Based on the success secrets of ancient "Babylonian parables", it is the most inspiring book on wealth ever written.

BUT LIKE ME , Can't read while I drive so listen to it instead.
CD come as CD's and you put them in your car or convert them to MP3 with iTUNES to hear on your iPOD.

Originally published in 1926, sprinkled with King James English, and narrated with Shakespearean intensity by the able Richard Ferrone, this is a high- impact personal finance audio that sounds like it's speaking to us from the time of Jesus. Captivating fables gently urge listeners to use their talents to accumulate money, invest a tenth of what's earned, spend thoughtfully on necessities, save for the future, and avoid risks. A well-crafted analysis explains what separates the ownership class from the class of people who work for others. We're reminded also that our place in the pecking order depends on our internal values and the way we manage our money. T.W. © AudioFile 2006, Portland, Maine-- Copyright © AudioFile, Portland, Maine

Or really techy like me skip the book and the CD and just download from iTunes online and listen on iPHONE POD PAD or i?????.  
Click link for immediate download (Christian this is for you)

Great, next time you see Dymphna tell her all about it and ask her if she has read it , bet she says "Read it I wanna rewrite it"

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