Saturday, 23 April 2011

Magic Plan App for iPhone iPad and the iPod Touch Update

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Platinum's with iPhones Download this today before they charge for it
They are giving it away for limited time,

Download it by clicking link then download it on your iphone
or ipad 2

or save it for later get itunes
New to this want the steps
get  itunes here
install it
now click here
open in itunes
you may need to sign up a free itunes account,
remember it only charges for apps that cost money the free ones are still free.

now sync your iPad iPhone iTouch (if it has built in camera)
sync with iTunes and it will install.

Or easy way just click link while on your i device and install it
open this website on your iPhone or iPad or iPod touch (yes iPod touch these are cheap) IF YOU DONT HAVE AN IPHONE cheap way buy an iPod touch (4th generation) of eBay
and that can do it too.

Click to the left if you want to buy an iPod touch but make sure iPod touch (4th generation).
You can install and use all the apps I talk about and also you can
put music on it and podcasts and a install something like TOM TOM GPS
and it can be your GPS instead of buying one.

or buy for moire money in australia from

Now once installed watch video's below.

enjoy, need more help
click here

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