Saturday, 9 April 2011

News Flash Property TAX ABOLISHED thanks BARRY the LIB!

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NSW buyers finally we don't get a shock when we buy a property anymore.
The dreaded Torrens Assurance Levyor or commonly known as the Ad Valorem TAX.

want to read the news
Part 3A scrapped
8 Apr 11 @ 06:36pm

PREMIER Barry O’Farrell has given increased planning powers back to local councils after scrapping the controversial Part 3A amendment.

He announced the decision to drop Part 3A of the 1979 Environmental Planning and Assessment Act at yesterday’s first State Cabinet meeting.

Local councils will now have final say on many outstanding applications, while others will be referred to the NSW Planning Assessment Commission.

No new Part 3A application for residential, commercial, retail or coastal development will be accepted and the State Government hope to push through legislation that will see the amendment repealed from the Statute books when Parliament resumes.

“This means a return of planning powers to councils and local communities,” Mr O’Farrell said.
“The days of giving the Planning Minister sweeping powers to approve developments at the stroke of a pen with virtually no consultation with local communities are over.

“That extreme power only leads to the sort of suspicion and shady deals we have seen in NSW over the past 16 years.”

The scrapping of Part 3A was a core election promise of the Liberal party, but the government will still have to push legislation through the Upper House.

Mr O’Farrell said he had not attempted to convince opposition members but had directed the Minister for Planning Brad Hazzard to draw up plans.

Until then transitional arrangements will be put into place to deal with more than 500 Part 3A applications already in the system.

About half of the applications will now face the Planning Assessment Commission for assessment, while the rest will either be sent to local councils to vote on or allowed to lapse.

Part 3A was introduced in 2005 and gave planning ministers the ability to overrule local councils and communities on any project the minister deemed to be of state or regional importance.

HISTORY ..................................................

The old NSW Labor government introduced this tax on all property buys in NSW.
NOW they have been VOTED OUT !!!!!YEAH!!!!!

The new LIBERAL government said axe that stupid tax. !!!!!YEAH!!!!!
 no more Ad Valorem TAX.
The libs kept their promise.

"We're pleased to report that we have secured an undertaking from Mr O'Farrell to repeal the ad valorem tax should the NSW Liberals & Nationals be voted in as the next government in the upcoming state election."Mr O'Farrell.

The old system was a tax introduced by previous government.
read all about it last year.
The labor tax was.

The additional levy applied where the purchase price is $500,500 or more on the Torrens assurance levy for details of transfer types that attract the additional levy.

For transfers where the purchase price is at least $500,500 but not more than $1,000,000, the ad valorem levy is 0.2% of the amount by which the purchase price exceeds $500,000.

For properties purchased for more than $1,000,000, the levy is $1000 plus 0.25% of the amount by which the purchase price exceeds $1,000,000.

Levies are payable to LPI when the transfer is lodged for registration. Lodgment fees (including a basic $4.00 Torrens assurance levy) are also payable.


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