Monday, 11 April 2011

ROVE McManus sold his Melbourne mansion for $3.4 million

ROVE McManus sold his Melbourne mansion for $3.4 million on Saturday in a private auction that included a handful of pre-approved bidders. 
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About 20 interested onlookers were refused entry to the auction, held inside the 144-year-old home in Docker St, Richmond.
About 26 bidders were granted a golden ticket pass inside, while a crowd of similar size waited for the result outside.
LA-based McManus was not on hand for the auction of the five-bedroom, three-bathroom property he bought in late 2003 for $1.9 million.
Before the auction, only pre-approved bidders were given a peek at McManus's oriental-style decorating taste and modern art collection, including plentiful cabinets and wooden wall fittings. An upstairs study with a sleek Mac computer and weathered whiteboard on the wall gave bidders a rare insight into the comic's private creative space.
When the auction kicked off, a Rolex-toting man in his early 40s opened the bidding at $3.2 million.
A second man, with a phone to his ear, acting on behalf of an absentee bidder, competed ferociously for the property, with bids shrinking to $5000.
When the tug-of-war stagnated at $3.31 million, Jellis Craig auctioneer Clayton Smith held a short consultation with the vendor before declaring the house on the market. "We have instructions to sell the property," he said.
A short time later, the hammer fell to the initial bidder, who emerged from his new home offering little more than a smile.
``It's a beautiful home,'' he said, before leaving.
Mr Smith said the auction set a record for residential sales in Richmond.
McManus recently shelled out $1.2 million for a pad in the Hollywood Hills.
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