Monday, 4 April 2011

Staging a house in Melbourne

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Staging a house in Melbourne
I wanted to find someone that stage houses for sale.
I am strongly thinking of investing in VIC and I found these guys
We specialise in quality property enhancement that simply adds value!
Sounds good.

Welcome to the internet home of we are delighted to have you visit us...
We specialise in quality property enhancement that simply adds value!
Our expertise is in assessing the minimum amount of money that can be invested in a property to produce a quality outcome and obtain the maximum return in the minimum time.
If you own a property that you would like to add value to, it is imperative that you follow a process. Recently over a 3 week period we completed a quality enhancement program that improved the property's value by in excess of $5 dollars for every $1 dollar that the vendor invested.

What results are they getting

The owners wanted to sell for the highest possible price, and decided to move out and renovate before selling the property by auction this proved to be an excellent decision
- Agents estimation before $750,000
- Sold at auction after renovation for $952,000
- PLUS $202,000
Mt Waverley

The owners simply wanted to add value to their property and enjoy the new designer garden
- Estate Agents opinion before $650,00
- Estate Agents opinion after $750,000
- PLUS $100,000

Caulfield North

The garden had not been maintained for a number of years. The selling agent recommended a garden makeover which was completed in 2 weeks and added significant value to the property
- Estate Agents opinion before $750,000
- Sold at auction $843,000
- PLUS $93,000

SOUNDS good I will consider them....

but there is more check out this video very informative

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