Tuesday, 26 April 2011

This could be the buy of your life, no bath no bedroom no kitchen

This could be the buy of your life

Sydney is not getting any smaller and for a small outlay , you could find a deal to support a positive gear cashflow in future. sure today they are not always positive but soon they will be.

Yes Sydney could build more carparks, but never enough. The city has been threatening that it closes all city streets and no cars enter the city. 1 thing remains a car spot will always be rented , because people love to park close , know that they have a spot and have a stress less day .

They don't care how much it costs it is a way of (not life) BUT BUSINESS. IT is an expense that simple gets paid.

So below is a website shows spots available. Its worth doing your own research and seeing if an opportunity, might very well be present. 

parking cost

Here is a site selling car spots

Here is another  add now the spot is $79,000 but look at the sale and rental of unit below
The unit rents for $700 a week. You could buy the unit and the extra car space and get $800 a week for unit and 2 car spaces instead of 1.
It is a 2 bedroom unit and if it is 2 professionals, or just 2 people that drive cars this rental would be sought after and could attract more buyers with the unseen before, 2 car spots.
Here is a tip try searching in Surry hills for units with 2 car spots.

300 Riley ST , Surry Hills NSW 2010

. Here is a tip try searching in Surry hills for units with 2 car spots.
None Available. It could just be a way to sell your property higher then others.
I think if this strategy worked out that potential in this arrangement could increase
the investment, then I would look at cheaper ways to get a car spot.

Instead of buying the $79000 car spot ,
I would mail drop all units offering $40000 for a car spot to buy,
just before Christmas!!!!
and someone will see a possible holiday or
present for themselves with the car spot sold for half that price .