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Who’s earning the big bucks?

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Who’s earning the big bucks?

The Australian Tax office this week released their annual taxation statistics (see here for all the data) which provides one of the best insights about individual income levels and spatial patterns of wealth around the country.  It is worth mentioning the data which was released this week relates to the 2008/09 financial year… quite a delay in getting the data released, but better late than never (the data is actually released at about the same time each year).
We’ve created a bunch of thematic maps which are probably the best way to highlight the wealth trends around the capital cities.
Typically the high income areas are clustered close to the cities and along the coastline with a few exceptions being the postcodes synonymous with acreage homes.  
The list below shows the top twenty postcodes for the highest mean taxable incomes. 

Twelve of the highest income earning postcodes are located in Sydney and Melbourne and Perth both feature four postcodes within the top twenty list (we’ve also included the postcodes for highest income earners in the other capital cities with their respective national rankings).

The highest income postcodes outside of the capitals are almost exclusively located within the resource intensive regions, particularly WA’s Pilbara and Queensland’s Bowen Basin.

The buying power of individuals residing in these high incomes locations (both capital city and regional areas) is very much evident in the high house prices and rental rates evident across these markets.
As a few random examples:

The highest income postcode, 3944 (Portsea, located along Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula) shows a median house price of $1.565m.

The highest income postcode in New South Wales, 2027 (home to suburbs such as Point Piper, Darling Point and Edgecliff) has a median house price of $1.68m and a median unit price of $875,000.
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In the highest income regional postcode of 6713 (Dampier) the median house price is $865,000
The same is true at the opposite end of the spectrum, with low income postcodes unsurprisingly featuring low priced housing.
Once again, a few examples:
The postcode of 7016 (Hobart’s suburb of Risdon Value) shows a mean individual income level of $38,268 and a median house price of $185,000.

4114 (the Brisbane suburb’s of Kingston and Woodridge) has a mean income level of $40,108 and is recording a median house price $277,500.

3200 (Melbourne’s Frankston North and Pines Forest) shows a mean income level of $39,827 and a median house price of 4285,000.

To blow these pictures up just click on them.

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