Monday, 2 May 2011

EASY steps to get started on RESEARCH and BUY.

I think that the hardest thing when starting to invest is where.
Here is a good tip.
Start where you live.
There several things you need to do .
5. BEFORE all this get your money ready to jump on a sale.

Ok so its pretty simple , you live in a suburb. So become an expert of property in that suburb.
You can have a list of available property or you can do an excel sheet with results etc.
I think the easiest way is to just GO LOOK at them all.
Sure time is sometimes hard to find, but you can just go to the website below and type in your suburb and go to as many as you can. You will also meet agents. Do talk to much to them, just tell them that you are a buyer looking for an investment, thanks , when are you buying when you see the right deal.
go here
2. COMPARE start to list what you saw and keep an eye on the price of that property.
If its was auction then go here and should show results or ring agent.
click the pdf on the page

How many bedrooms, and what difference did bedrooms and land size sell for.
Also comment to yourself on the style of property old or new style.

3. Research - Ring council find out minimum subdivide area for your suburb. Find out all the latest on
new and in progress developments in the area. Maybe a street is going one way. Maybe they are going to make a dead end of a street, that could increase value. What sub divisions are going ahead. Here is an example of Cessnock council, click link
ok so we get this

now the address
 click link.

Interesting , now click the fees button

Ok starting to get it now we are getting some research done and learning about the area
next google map it and see where it is and what is next to it and in the area.
OK now you see how easy it is ...
next find out what they sell for
on the house is good for this

ok so now you try it

tomorrow I will continue with 4 and 5.

Why buy this. Do you have a rental or a house without one. Just buy this and put it on the wall. All my houses have alarms and they are good ones with cameras.
But no one knows if you have one or not. They just see the light. So buy it for cheap today install it and if the robber comes he sees the light and thinks twice, it cost you under $30 bucks thats cool.

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