Thursday, 5 May 2011

EASY steps to get started on RESEARCH and BUY. Part 2

EASY steps to get started on RESEARCH and BUY.

I think that the hardest thing when starting to invest is where.
Here is a good tip.
Start where you live.
There several things you need to do .

5. BEFORE all this get your money ready to jump on a sale.

Stay Alert how do you do this.
Keep an eye on every new property that comes on the market, ring every agent and be put on their list.
If you really want the deals tell them you just want to go on their database.
EASY one call.



Put in a central address for your area , some where in the middle or on a prime street.

Emails will be sent to you to tell you what is happening with new DA's in the area.
You don't even have to look.
Also keep researching your council keep up to date with them.

go here

Find Your council and read all about there conditions and developments.

Here is an example

OK so read above Meetings: 1st & 3rd Wednesday 06:30 PM
Go to the meeting if public can , in most cases they can.

Hope this helps

5. Now Finance.

Get pre-approval.
Go see a broker.
and do your tax returns.
Be ready there is a deal of the century around the corner.
You must be ready.
Make sure that you supply all relevant recent tax returns and bank statements etc.
Don't go see one with out it. They need these to get you a loan , so don't waste time , yours and theirs.
Good Luck too.......Dream the deal ....but better Know with research if the dream could be your
profit reality.....

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