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Orange NSW - Plans for 1000's of house blocks given the nod

Orange City - Plans for 1000's of house blocks given the nod
Plans for 1000's of house blocks given the nod - again (video)
20/05/2011 | 07:12 PM 

Orange City Councillors have defied recommendations from staff, approving plans that will allow 7-thousand homes to be built in the city's south. It's the second time in a week they've said yes. Today, the local MP questioned the idea, following a firey council meeting, that could have blocked the proposal. Helen Frost was there.

Orange's Mayor has unveiled a plan to sidestep the Coalition Government's opposition to a new suburb on DPI land in South Orange. John Davis wants thousands of new homes built closer to the city. But he's at odds with some fellow councillors, and council staff.
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Phone call muddies south Orange plan

21 May, 2011 04:00 AM
AN Orange councillor has claimed he was asked to change his vote on the rezoning of land at south Orange, or risk a motion asking for the Ploughmans Creek wetlands to be zoned for residential development.At a meeting of Orange City Council on Thursday night, Cr Neil Jones claimed he had received a call from a councillor and was asked to withdraw his support for a rescission motion on the development of 655 hectares of land at south Orange.
Cr Jones did not name the councillor, but said he was told to change his vote on the development to avoid a rescission motion on the zoning of the Ploughmans Creek wetlands for public recreation.
A majority of councillors voted to secure the wetlands from residential development at a meeting on Monday.
“Today I got a phone call from a councillor who said to me, ‘We want you to withdraw your support for the rescission motion and we’ll withdraw the rescission motion [on the wetlands]’,” he said.
“I interpreted that as being asked to change my vote so the wetland could be saved ... the Ploughmans Creek wetland has become a pawn in the political game over south Orange.”
Cr Jones also said the phone call made him question “the ethics of this chamber”.
A rescission motion on the wetlands was moved by Orange mayor John Davis and councillors Chris Gryllis and Sam Romano.
Cr Jones said the phone call was not made by Cr Davis.
There is no suggestion it was made by either Cr Gryllis or Cr Romano.
While the motion was ultimately defeated, preserving the wetlands for public recreation, Cr Jones’ allegations caused tempers to flare.
Deputy mayor Jeff Whitton called for an apology from Cr Jones and refused to vote on the wetlands.
“He’s [Cr Jones] making some accusations that there is collusion in this matter,” Cr Whitton said.
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1,000 New Homes Set For Yarraville

1,000 New Homes Set For Yarraville
Victoria Minister for Planning Matthew Guy
Rezoning Boosts Residential And Commercial Land Supply In Melbourne’s West
Victor P Taffa
Planning Minister Matthew Guy has approved the development of approximately 1,000 new homes and associated retail and community infrastructure in Yarraville’s Bradmill Precinct, eight kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD.
“This site offers a huge new opportunity for inner city urban renewal.” Mr. Guy said.
The Baillieu Government has responded to Maribyrnong Council’s request to implement key rezoning to facilitate the redevelopment of 26 hectares of redundant industrial land to help meet demands for housing.
“The Baillieu Government is actively bringing developable land to market to accommodate more housing in inner-city areas close to major transport hubs.” Mr. Guy said.
“The Bradmill Precinct development will bring 1,000 new dwellings to the site and continues the Government’s commitment to addressing housing affordability.”
“The site will form a new Neighbourhood Activity Centre that will include a supermarket, speciality shops, a library and a medical centre.” Mr. Guy said.
Planning for the site is supported by a Development Plan Overlay which responds to site layout, built form and construction methods. An Environmental Audit Overlay will ensure an appropriate environmental response is provided given the site’s previous industrial use.
Mr. Guy said the approval of this inner city site for urban renewal complemented the Baillieu Government’s moves to advance new housing supply in Melbourne’s growth areas.
“The Baillieu Government is delivering on its target to release 50,000 lots this year and has established a new dedicated Housing Affordability Unit to provide advice on the policies and legislation to assist in making housing more accessible to more Victorians.” Mr. Guy said.
“The Brumby Government allowed Melbourne to become the most unaffordable city in Australia, but the Baillieu Government is committed to addressing this unsustainable situation.”
“The Bradmill precinct development and the release of more land on Melbourne’s outskirts are examples of how the Baillieu Government is meeting the challenges of Melbourne’s housing needs.” Mr. Guy said.

HUNDREDS of extra flats will be built at high rise Housing Commission estates under a State Government plan to boost public housing. 

About 250 low-rise units will be built at the Carlton estate, 207 in Richmond, 188 in Prahran, 150 in Fitzroy and 144 at the Westmeadows estate formerly called The Mews.
The Government plans to provide an extra 6500 public dwellings statewide over the next four years, with about 1600 to be ready by the middle of next year.
More than $500 million will be spent on expanding public housing in 2011-12.
Housing Minister Wendy Lovell said the Government would also provide new work and learning centres for public housing residents and the homeless.
They would connect people with support services to prepare for work.
Ms Lovell said that about 1000 new homes would be added at the public housing estates over the next few years.

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