Thursday, 30 June 2011

Presto Instant Bathrooms

Presto Instant Bathrooms

locations at bottom of this post.

Have a look at interview video below
I rang these  guys on ph 1300 559 121
Got a range of prices 
start price 
$3500 up to $5200 not installed and no fixtures
fittings $5600 to $7990
install on top of these prices, so Give the a call have a look at pictures and applications.


If you're renovating a bathroom, having a party or an event, need an extra temporary bathroom or having friends stay over a Presto Instant Bathroom offers a luxury portable bathroom solution in a simple, elegant and functional unit.

Presto Instant Bathrooms are ideal for:
  • When you're renovating your bathroom
  • At parties or events
  • An extra temporary bathroom
  • Those times when family or friends stay over
Presto's compact exterior size allows it to access smaller spaces making it a very functional unit however the spacious interior provides all the features and convenience you would expect in a personal bathroom.

Fast Facts
  • Presto Instant Bathrooms are only 2080mm high to allow for easy access under garage doors and at only 1000 mm wide, moving them along pathways and through gates etc is a breeze.
  • The roof of the Presto Instant Bathroom is easy to raise allowing for plenty of head room through-out the bathroom.
  • Presto units can be easily delivered to your location and placed into position.
  • Presto's interior has a smooth, easy clean surface which makes the bathroom easy to clean and maintain.
  • The simple connections take only moments to complete and your bathroom is ready to use.
  • Presto Instant Bathrooms are designed for simple and quick installation, trades people are not required for installation.
Presto Instant Bathrooms Feature:
  • Full height shower cubicle
  • Quality taps in the basin and shower
  • Dual flush toilet
  • Mirror
  • Hand basin
  • Exhaust fan
  • Ample range of interior fittings
  • Power outlet
  • 240 volt lighting
  • Good ventilation
Add a Bathroom Locations
Home Ideas Centre
Home Ideas Centre
113 Anzac Highway
Ashford South Australia 5035
Phone: 1300 559 121
Pennings Bathrooms
Pennings Bathrooms
110 Ham Street
South Windsor New South Wales 2756
Phone: 02 4577 6122
Add A Bathroom
Add A Bathroom
Unit 56/3 Kelso Crescent
Moorebank New South Wales 2170
Phone: 02 9600 9688
A Plus Commercial Plumbing and Building
A Plus Commercial Plumbing and Building
1/1 Pelle Street
Mitchell Australian Capital Territory 2911
Phone: 02 6262 2615
Adam Jones
Adam Jones
Qld State Sales Manager
Phone: 07 3103 3565
Betta Paint and Bathroom Centre
Betta Paint and Bathroom Centre
Centro Centre
Shop 24/49 Eramosa Road
Somerville Victoria 3912
Phone: 02 5978 0164

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Queensland stamp duty changes favour investors

Queensland stamp duty changes favour investors










Changes to Queensland's stamp duty regime will favour investors over homebuyers, especially when buying new properties.
The controversial changes to Queensland's stamp duty regime from 1 August, along with the introduction of the Building Boost Grant, will favour investors over homebuyers, says Sunshine Coast property solicitor Despina Prial.

"There has already been much discussion and debate concerning the new Queensland Building Boost Grant of $10,000 that will be made available as from 1 August 2011.
If you are acquiring a new home in Queensland between 1 August 2011 and 31 January 2012
you may be eligible for this grant," said Prial.

"What has not yet been raised or discussed in detail, is the change to stamp duty rates on purchasing homes. At the same time the Government is making available the $10,000 “building boost” grant to those who are eligible for such grant, the home concession stamp duty rate is being abolished."
The effect of this would be to nearly double the stamp duty on a $500,000 purchase from $8,750 to $15,525 for a homebuyer after 1 August.

"Even if the same home buyer was eligible for the $10,000 building
boost grant, most of this would be used towards payment of the additional stamp duty under
this transaction after 1 August 2011," added Prial.

Meanwhile, the  stamp duty payable by an investor after 1 August 2011 would actually be slightly less, and the investment buyer (if eligible) will be able to use the entire $10,000 building boost for the purchase of their investment property.

Stamp Duty Queensland - Concession Requirements

  • you do not meet the requirements for either the First Home or Home concessions outlined above; or
  • property purchased in the name of a company or trust is deemed by the government to be investment property; or
  • the property you are purchasing is commercial property

  • you have never owned property anywhere in the world before; and
  • you intend to move into the property within 12 months of settlement; and
  • the property will be your principal place of residence for a minimum of 12 consecutive months after you move in; and
  • you will not enter into a new lease of the property prior to moving into it.
HOME CONCESSION (*For contracts entered into on or after 1 August 2011, this concession will no longer be available)
  • you have owned property before; and
  • you intend to move into the property within 12 months of settlement; and
  • the property will be your principal place of residence for a minimum of 12 consecutive months after you move in; and
  • you will not enter into a new lease of the property prior to moving into it.
  • you have not previously held an interest in residential land (whether in Queensland or elsewhere); and
  • you have not previously claimed this concession for other vacant land; and
  • you will build and occupy the home constructed on the land as your first principal place of residence within 2 years after the land is transferred to you; and
  • you will not dispose of the land before, or within 1 year after you start to occupy the residence constructed on the land as your home.
  • you do not meet the requirements for the First Home Vacant Land Concession; or
  • property purchased in the name of a company or trust is deemed by the government to be investment property;

The Queensland Government has announced that the rates of stamp duty (also known transfer duty) will change for Contracts entered into on or after 1 August 2011.
Our comprehensive stamp duty calculator (accessed above) allows buyers to calculate the amount of transfer duty they will be required to pay (both before and after the changes on 1 August 2011). This may be a useful comparative tool for buyers currently in the market who wish to make an informed decision about timing their purchase. Please see Stamp Duty Concessions Explained for further information.



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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Can FACEBOOK be good for an investor? DAHH YES...

I often get asked ,
"How do I maximize my use of the internet"
"What sites are good"
or sometimes "Help I don't know where the web is , do you know"
so start with
facebook. buts thats social networking
not for social but edu

yes edu networking.
Just sign up to facebook and don't add any friends.
YES NO FRIENDS, just sign up to read about property.
Just get account then subscribe to pages.
Then put facebook app on your iphone and press app and read facebook pages
dont read friends life of baby did a poo today, 

but actually great property news.
Click below, maybe you will have to get facebook account first but try anyway. 


read it daily, keep informed.
here are some more

everyone knows I am a big fan of APM
so CLICK it and like it

and finally

know click above
go and do it
and then join......
that is me right a the back joining the group.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Follow the Developers to the Gold -new easy website

Follow the Developers to the Gold
Wow new website , makes it easy for you to find Developments.
One thing I have been taught is the value of reserach.
If you could keep an eye on developments, you can share the millions of research hours paid
for by developers to cash in on key areas.

I recently blogged about Masters Home Improvements store.   
It will be interesting to see how this effects the locals, both residential and especially other commercial buildings near buy.
Wouldn't you love to own the coffe shop across from Bunnings at Botany (NSW).
Everytime I park my car I wiz over for a takeaway coffee, and its pretty good too...

Ok so here is the website.

What do you have to do?
Look at what the others are doing and see if this could help you buy real estate close to
these developments, or even save you from doing your own since competition could be harsh.
It might spark your interest in the demand in this area. Why are they building this ?
How it works.

Click Projects

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

See all DA's in area on a Google Map

You want to invest in an area but want to know how hard it would be to develop.
I use to research an area.
I find out who did (or is planning to do) what and  where.
See new Big and Small developments.
Now it just got easier. You can now see them on a map.

This may seem complicated to some but others will find this cool.
Get an idea of seeing all alerts on a map, this is great.
this is a map for below.






  1. Enter a street address on and click Search.
  2. Copy the URL of the link to “Subscribe to an RSS feed for applications near here”
  3. Then go to Google Maps, paste that URL into its search box. press search.

Embedding PlanningAlerts in a map just got a whole lot nicer


We’ve a made a pretty small change to the way that applications from PlanningAlerts can get embedded in a map that makes it much easier to use.
It’s easiest to see with an example:

View Larger Map
When you click on one of the points on a map, as well as the description of the development application, there is now a link “More Information” which takes you to the page on PlanningAlerts for that application.
That simple change just made embedded maps a whole lot more useful.
This is how to do it for yourself:

  1. Enter a street address on and click Search.
  2. Copy the URL of the link to “Subscribe to an RSS feed for applications near here”
  3. Then go to Google Maps, paste that URL into its search box

Do next steps for html link

  1. Add &style=html to the end of the URL in the search box. This is the new bit that adds the “More information” link.
  2. Click Search Maps
  3. Click the Link link to the top right of the map, and copy the Paste HTML to embed in website code
  4. Paste that code into your blog post, sidebar, or wherever (you can alter the code to change its size etc.)

Monday, 20 June 2011



First store


  • Ballarat Road
  • Braybrook, Victoria (Opening September/October 2011)

Their website:



On Monday 2 May 2011, 15:18 EST
Woolworths Ltd's hardware brand is to be known as "Masters", as Australia's biggest supermarket chain continues to prepare for its entry into the $42 billion home improvement market.
Woolworths, together with its joint venture partner Lowe's Companies Inc of the US, said the first Masters store would open in September or October at Braybrook, in Melbourne.

The Masters stores will go head to head with the Wesfarmers Ltd-owned Bunnings hardware chain, the current market leader in the country's home improvement market.
Masters chief executive Don Stallings said the home improvement business was ready for a new name.
"With just a few months to go until opening, we're putting the finishing touches to our plans," he said in a statement on Monday.

"In years to come, we believe this brand will become a very familiar one for Australian DIY'ers so it was important to choose a strong and simple name that will stand the test of time."
Bunnings contributed $3.57 billion in revenue to Wesfarmers in the six months to December, equivalent to 12 per cent of the company's total revenue and the second biggest division after Coles.
But underscoring the profitability of hardware, earnings at Bunnings came to $457 million, almost a quarter of Wesfarmers' total earnings.
Mr Stallings, who was formerly the head of Canadian operations for Lowe's, said in September he planned to drive down costs by using Lowe's global sourcing unit to supply imported products at lower cost.

Woolworths and Lowe's, the world's second biggest home improvement retailer, acquired Australian hardware distributor Danks Holdings Ltd in 2009 as the companies prepared to take on Bunnings.
Masters' range of products will include lighting, paint, flooring, kitchens, outdoor furniture, appliances, gardens, walls and windows, power tools, storage, plumbing and bathrooms.
Many products are not currently available in a single location in the Australian market.
Mr Stallings said staff would be trained for at least 100 hours, there would be more than 35,000 products and stores would be air conditioned and comfortable to differentiate Masters from many competitors.

The Masters store at Braybrook, which will include a separate trade-only area, will be followed quickly by a number of other stores in Victoria and Queensland.
Masters was on track to achieve the initial target of 150 property sites in five years.
The Masters brand was developed by Hulsbosch, which developed the Woolworths rebrand.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Real Estate Technology helping you more then ever.


-Thanks for hearing me talk here are the Items I was talking about.
Enter email address at subscribe at top  if you want daily updates on new tips.

Also my latest deal success check out website I made for the property.

other free STUFF here...

ITS FREE    ----YEAH!!!!!!!
Here you go , Redesign your house layout.
Download free program for MAC and PC (jonny bone).
wont hold you up here is the link.


  other apps

download layar link
THEN once you have layar installed YOU THEN SEARCH  for PlanningAlerts .

Need other apps, just email me

Friday, 17 June 2011

The Matusik Snapshot the property clock

March 2011 No. 471
Property clock
In theory, at least, now appears to be a good time to buy.
We have featured the property clock in two previous Snapshots – in late 2003 and again in early 2006. At those times, like now, the residential market was in somewhat uncharted waters. The housing outlook was then, again like now, quite polarised.
Whilst a simple tool, the property clock is one of the more effective ways of clearly showing where things stand.

Chart 1 shows the traditional property clock, with 9 on the clock indicating the start of an upswing; 12 being the market peak; 3 the start of the downswing and 6 the market trough. Many of the residential markets across the country – as shown by the four clocks overleaf – are positioned between 2 and 7 on the clock. Far too many people wait to buy near the market peak rather than during a downswing or at the bottom of the market. When you move, either as a buyer or a seller, is second in importance only to location.
The positions on the property clock are determined by supply – either undersupply or oversupply. Everything else is either leading in to one of these market conditions or coming out of it. Let’s start with undersupply.
12 o’clock
An undersupplied market, where demand exceeds total supply. Rents and prices rise. The economy is strong, as is wage growth. It is a vendor’s market and the best time to sell.
3 o’clock
Asking prices become overwhelming and the market starts to lose confidence. An “evensupplied” market, where the number of properties for sale usually matches the number of buyers. Interest rates often rise and economic growth slows. Buyers wait for discounting to begin. A very cautious market.
6 o’clock
An oversupplied or buyer’s market. Harder economic times and usually at the tail end of high interest rates. Borrowers become frugal, some feeling that their income or even job is at risk. Residential property in general loses its shine. Ironically, it is often the best time to buy as many properties are undervalued at this time.
9 o’clock
In the lead up to 9 on the clock, stock is either withdrawn from sale or is sold, often at prices below replacement cost. The market supply tightens and buyers become more optimistic. Economic conditions improve, unemployment is low and wage growth high. Prices start to rise again, making new developments feasible once more. Spruikers return and property starts to become overvalued once more.
Residential markets also tend to fluctuate between undervaluation and overvaluation. What is “high” for a market (at 12 o’clock) and what is “low” (usually around 6 o’clock) is largely a matter of history. Property values usually increase over the long term. Over-valuated markets can be very seductive and hence why most buy too late, whilst the opposite sentiment holds true at the bottom of the cycle.
The Matusik Snapshot is opinion and not advice. Readers should seek their own professional advice on the subject being discussed.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Cloud gone from Perth

Hi I am going to Perth conference 3 Day ultimate and have been tracking cloud.
I was yet to understand how it comes around the earth until I saw this picture.
A satellite image taken over several days shows the movement of the volcanic ash cloud from the Cordon Caulle volcano in Chile. Image: Bureau of Meteorology / NOAA / JMA / EUMETSAT (Meteosat-9, MTSAT-1R and GOES-11)

Pretty cool. If only they could control the direction of the earth .

If you are interested in Conference go to this link .

Monday, 13 June 2011


It is a .com but when you ask questions it does nominate your country.
pretty cool site for questions and advice.
Many sections look
Mechanic , Vet,  Plumber, Lawyer etc.

You can even ask people about cars etc have a look below

 Pretty cool, you pay an agreed fee for advice , so use time well, have questions ready to go.
Also ask for their contacts , the plumber they use, maybe an auction house, where do they buy
wholesale products etc.

 Also look at previous answers look below question asked

I have owned and lived in my property for 17 years. Approximately

Customer Question

I have owned and lived in my property for 17 years. Approximately 3 years ago, a neighbouring property at the rear (with whom I share a small boundary of approx. 4m) commenced large scale redevelopment - extending the existing property and constructing a large garage along almost the entire rear boundary.

My problem is that as soon as the re-development commenced I experienced singificant increase in storm water run off to my property - bringing large volume of water and sediment through my retaining wall and into my pool - during development the owner accepted responsbility and paid for the pool to be cleaned on 2 occassions. Despite the owner complying with the requirements of his DA I still continue to be inundated with a concentrated flow of stormwater each rain event - the effect of this changed water flow over the last 3 years has been the de-stabilsation of my retaining wall, and water/sediment entering my pool (on over a dozen occassions necessitating a clean up that takes 3-4 days and hundreds of dollars in time and resources).

I have made overtures to this neighbour to seek their resolution to this changed and concentrated flow (there is no easement over my property) - these overtures have been rejected.

What are my rights in this matter?
Submitted: 2 days and 4 hours ago.
Category: Australia Law
Value: AU$84
Status: CLOSED

Look at example response:

Customer Reply

I have taken many photos and made many requests to the Council - I am now awaiting feedback from the Council (this has been going on for ovr 18 months).

I am seeking rectification, not compensation. I am weighing up the pros and cons of court action, and want to arm myself with a little more knowledge before consulting a solicitor, so have a few specific queries:

What area of law is relevant? (negligence, trespass?)
What specific remedy can a court impose relevant to the area of law?
What level court in NSW would be applicable?
Can you suggest any NSW case law that might be relevant for me to review?

I had selected the option for a high level of detail, so hope these questions can be answered?


Accepted Answer

Good Morning

The situation here is one of nuisance.

Here is an article about it.

Look at the heading Entry of Water

It is not statute law but common law that has been created by the courts.

In this case the water entry to your property is as a result of the constructions and not a natural flow.

The specific remedy is compensation for any damage caused and also to undertake the necessary works to rectify the problem.

You need to get a drainage expert in to advise what needs to be undertaken to stop the problem. In any court action or negotiation with the neighbour you have to be able to have information to rely on.

Here is one case that may be relevant

You can search Austlii data base fro more

I searched Water and Nuisance

It would be a matter that would go to the District Curt or Supreme Court even the Land and Environment Court.

I hope this is of assistance and if so please click on the accept button.

Expert: Leon Rizos
Pos. Feedback: 98.2 %
Accepts: 8180
Answered: 6/9/2011
BEc Dip Ed, Dip Law (SAB) MTax (UNSW)


Sunday, 12 June 2011

Buying Property in Michigan USA Landlords Responsible

Buying Property in Michigan USA Landlords Responsible

What Are Landlords Responsible for on a Rented Lot?

updated June 09, 2011
What Are Landlords Responsible for on a Rented Lot?thumbnail
Landlords are responsible for repairs and maintenance.
Because a tenant pays rent to use a rental lot, the landlord has the responsibility to maintain the lot. Generally, the landlord is responsible for items that come with the lot, such as a water heater, kitchen appliances and pipes. The landlord is not responsible for the items the tenant puts in the lot, such as furniture and electronics.
  1. General Guidelines

    • A landlord has to maintain the rented lot so that it is fit for human habitation, and remains in reasonable repair. According to the Michigan Legislature website, there is no detailed definition of the term "reasonable repair," so the landlord would have to use common sense. A problem that would disrupt the tenant's enjoyment of the lot generally has to be repaired --- for example, if the water drain is clogged. The landlord may not have to fix minor aesthetic problems, such as peeling paint or a chip in the door.


    • The housing and health authority may establish minimum standards for rented lots. These standards vary from state to state; and local authorities, such as counties and municipalities, may also set additional rental standards. The laws may dictate various features of the rented lot, including heating, water supply, building materials and electrical hookups. The landlord may also be required to end any infestations in the rented lot, removing pests like rodents and insects.


    • The urgency of the repair job depends on whether it falls into the category of emergency, a major problem or a minor problem. According to the Michigan Legislature, a landlord has the responsibility to respond within 24 hours of notification of an emergency, such as a gas leak or flooding. Major and minor problems warrant repair within an undefined reasonable period of time. While major problems affect the quality of living in the rental lot, minor problems are a nuisance to the tenant
      Tenant's Responsibility
    • The tenant has the responsibility to minimize damage to the rented lot. If a problem occurs because of the tenant's conduct, the landlord does not have to repair it. Instead, the tenant has to take responsibility for it. For example, if the tenant's unsanitary conduct results in a pest infestation that was not there when he first moved in, he must exterminate the pests. If a tenant damages the rented lot beyond normal wear and tear, the landlord may be able to charge repair fees.

Read more: What Are Landlords Responsible for on a Rented Lot? |

books to buy if USA interests youHousewise: A Smart Woman's Guide to Buying and Renovating Real Estate for Profit

Friday, 10 June 2011

you can now make a submission to council right on the page for the application

PlanningAlerts closes the loop

Our built environment has a huge impact on our lives. And we all have strong opinions about what it should be like.
One of the major things that determines this is the planning process that our councils look after. If you’ve ever tried to make a submission on a development application you will know that it can be a difficult process to understand. Chances are you’ve not bothered because it all seemed like too much trouble.
Today we want to let you know about a new PlanningAlerts feature which makes this simple. Now when you click on a development application, you’ll be able to make a submission to council right on the PlanningAlerts page for the application – no more hunting down the right form, email address or even which council to send it to. We do the boring stuff for you automatically.
Commenting on a PlanningAlert
This means you have the opportunity to directly affect whether an application will get approved or not. It “closes the loop”, so that not only do you find out about things planned near you, you can easily and directly do something about them.
You also get to see what other people have said because all comments automatically go up on the site once they’re sent to the planning authority.
Over the next couple of weeks we will be rolling out the new feature, adding it council by council. When the feature has been rolled out for your council you will see the big new comment box. If it hasn’t been rolled out yet you can help by finding the email address that submissions should go to for your council and sending that to us.
As this feature is brand new it’s bound to have some niggling problems. So, please help by letting us know about any problems that you find or things that could be done to improve the service.
To get started go to and enter your street address.
It’s your neighbourhood. Make sure you have a hand in how it develops.

Matthew and Henare
OpenAustralia Foundation Volunteers

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Lenders up LVRs to coax borrowers


Lenders up LVRs to coax borrowers

By Adam Smith | 7/06/2011 3:15:00 AM

As borrower demand for mortgages flags, lenders are trying to coax consumers into the market with higher LVRs.
According to a study by comparison site RateCity, the number of lenders offering LVRs of 97% or above has doubled since January of this year. Home loans of a maximum 97% LVR now represent 5% of all products in the site's database. The study has also indicated that major banks are increasingly comfortable with high LVRs. In January, ANZ increased LVRs on most of its product suite from 90% to 95%. CBA offers up to 97% LVR on most of its home loans, while NAB offers between 90% and 95%. Westpac products carry a maximum 92% LVR.
RateCity CEO Damian Smith said the move toward higher LVRs indicates lenders are looking to stimulate growth in a lagging mortgage market. He said the proportion of home loans with a maximum of 95% LVR has increased 8% since January, and now represents 62% of all mortgage products in the company's database.
"We haven't seen this level of money offered to mortgage borrowers since the start of 2009. Lenders are trying to kick-start growth in the mortgage market, and more generous LVRs and lending criteria are the key tool they use," Smith said.
Related stories:
Buyers clamour for 100% loans
Lenders raise LVRs as crisis eases


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