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Buying Property in Michigan USA Landlords Responsible

Buying Property in Michigan USA Landlords Responsible

What Are Landlords Responsible for on a Rented Lot?

updated June 09, 2011
What Are Landlords Responsible for on a Rented Lot?thumbnail
Landlords are responsible for repairs and maintenance.
Because a tenant pays rent to use a rental lot, the landlord has the responsibility to maintain the lot. Generally, the landlord is responsible for items that come with the lot, such as a water heater, kitchen appliances and pipes. The landlord is not responsible for the items the tenant puts in the lot, such as furniture and electronics.
  1. General Guidelines

    • A landlord has to maintain the rented lot so that it is fit for human habitation, and remains in reasonable repair. According to the Michigan Legislature website, there is no detailed definition of the term "reasonable repair," so the landlord would have to use common sense. A problem that would disrupt the tenant's enjoyment of the lot generally has to be repaired --- for example, if the water drain is clogged. The landlord may not have to fix minor aesthetic problems, such as peeling paint or a chip in the door.


    • The housing and health authority may establish minimum standards for rented lots. These standards vary from state to state; and local authorities, such as counties and municipalities, may also set additional rental standards. The laws may dictate various features of the rented lot, including heating, water supply, building materials and electrical hookups. The landlord may also be required to end any infestations in the rented lot, removing pests like rodents and insects.


    • The urgency of the repair job depends on whether it falls into the category of emergency, a major problem or a minor problem. According to the Michigan Legislature, a landlord has the responsibility to respond within 24 hours of notification of an emergency, such as a gas leak or flooding. Major and minor problems warrant repair within an undefined reasonable period of time. While major problems affect the quality of living in the rental lot, minor problems are a nuisance to the tenant
      Tenant's Responsibility
    • The tenant has the responsibility to minimize damage to the rented lot. If a problem occurs because of the tenant's conduct, the landlord does not have to repair it. Instead, the tenant has to take responsibility for it. For example, if the tenant's unsanitary conduct results in a pest infestation that was not there when he first moved in, he must exterminate the pests. If a tenant damages the rented lot beyond normal wear and tear, the landlord may be able to charge repair fees.

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