Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Can FACEBOOK be good for an investor? DAHH YES...

I often get asked ,
"How do I maximize my use of the internet"
"What sites are good"
or sometimes "Help I don't know where the web is , do you know"
so start with
facebook. buts thats social networking
not for social but edu

yes edu networking.
Just sign up to facebook and don't add any friends.
YES NO FRIENDS, just sign up to read about property.
Just get account then subscribe to pages.
Then put facebook app on your iphone and press app and read facebook pages
dont read friends life of baby did a poo today, 

but actually great property news.
Click below, maybe you will have to get facebook account first but try anyway. 


read it daily, keep informed.
here are some more


everyone knows I am a big fan of APM
so CLICK it and like it

and finally

know click above
go and do it
and then join......
that is me right a the back joining the group.

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