Friday, 15 July 2011


OK so some people asked about BASIX, here we go.

On the 1st July 2004 the New South Wales Government implemented the Building Sustainability Index (known as BASIX).  This index sets out to achieve a minimum 40% reduction in Water and Energy consumption in all residential construction developments. 

A BASIX Certificate must be lodged with all residential development applications to councils including alterations and additions valued at $50,000 or greater and for pools and/or spas with a volume greater than 40,000L.

The BASIX model takes into consideration the types of building materials, size and glazing of windows, insulation, orientation, overshadowing, hot water system and heating and cooling systems. It then calculates whether there is a minimum of 40% reduction in energy costs in accordance with the model. 

The BASIX Certificate lists all the commitments that the applicant has agreed to in obtaining the Certificate. These commitments then form part of the Building Approval and as such must be implemented in the construction process.

These commitments will then be checked by the Certifying Authority as having been included in the construction.  The Thermal Performance Assessment determines the homes ability to maintain a comfortable temperature year round with a minimum drain on energy consumption. 

If as a result of this assessment your design does not meet the minimum standards required we will advise you accordingly and make suggestions and recommendations that will help you to meet these standards.

We can provide BASIX certificates and home energy rating certificates for the following types of developments:  
Single residential dwellings
Alterations and additions where the work is valued a $50,000 or greater.                                                   
Dual occupancy developments                               
Swimming pools and/or spas where the total capacity is greater than 40,000L. (1 cubic metre = 1000L = 1kL)      
Granny flats                                                               
Villas and townhouses                                               
Multi unit developments. 

We can also arrange to provide an energy rating certificate for your existing home or unit.

This could be a useful tool when selling if you can show prospective buyers that the house is energy efficient.

NOTE: From 2011 some state governments will be introducing mandatory disclosure on all residential dwellings when sold or leased which means that you will need one of these certificates for any property that you own. 

When buying a 5 star home, you can be sure of substantial savings on energy costs whilst living in an thermally

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