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Lake Macquarie new Local Environmental Plan (LEP)

Planning 2011

Council is currently preparing a new Local Environmental Plan (LEP) in accordance with state legislation.  Council has also prepared an updated strategic plan called Lifestyle 2030 Strategy, and a new Development Control Plan (DCP) to complement the new LEP.

Draft Lifestyle 2030 Strategy

Draft Lifestyle 2030 (LS2030) provides the long-term direction for strategic land use and land management planning in the Lake Macquarie local government area.

The preparation of Draft Lifestyle 2030 followed a review of the performance of Lifestyle 2020 (LS2020).  This included:

a demographic analysis of the city over the past 10 years
a review of the supply of residential and employment lands in the city
a review of the status of the city’s biodiversity
Draft Lifestyle 2030 also incorporates regional and state government policy directions made since the adoption of LS2020.  These included the Lower Hunter Regional Strategy, Lower Hunter Regional Conservation Plan, The State Plan, and the Newcastle – Lake Macquarie Western Corridor Planning Strategy.

Draft LS2030 reaffirms the core values of sustainability, equity, efficiency, and liveability set out in LS2020.  These core values will continue to guide future development in the city. 

It is anticipated that the Draft Lifestyle 2030 Strategy will go on public exhibition in the second half of 2011 with the Draft LMLEP 2011 and Draft LMDCP 2011.

Draft Lake Macquarie LEP 2011

In 2006, the NSW Government gazetted a standard instrument for preparing new local environmental plans (LEPs), also known as the LEP template. New LEPs across NSW must now use the same terminology and a consistent format. An LEP establishes what type of development may be permitted on any parcel of land. Councils are able to include certain provisions specific to their area, such as heritage items, and development standards like building height and minimum lot sizes.

Things to Know about LMLEP 2011

LMLEP 2011 is being prepared to conform with the State Government's Standard Instrument.
As far as possible, LMLEP 2011 will be a conversion of the current LMLEP 2004 to fit within the standard instrument requirements.
This means that for most properties in the city, although the name of the landuse zone may change, there will be little difference to the nature of development that can be carried out on the land.
It is anticipated that LMLEP 2011 will go on public exhibition in the second half of 2011 and be finalised (published) in 2012.
Draft Lake Macquarie DCP 2011

Draft LMDCP 2011 has been prepared to complement Draft LMLEP 2011.  Draft LMDCP 2011 provides clear objectives and controls for the full range of development issues and articulates Council’s desired development outcomes in a user friendly and easily understood structure and format .  LMDCP 2011 sets out controls that apply to development applications and has been structured to align with landuse zone groups outlined in the Draft LMLEP 2011.  i.e. controls for development in rural zone, residential zones, and business zones etc.

The DCP applies to new development and is used by Council’s Development Assessment and Compliance staff when assessing a development application.

Draft LMDCP 2011 will go on public exhibition concurrently with Draft LMLEP 2011.

Want to Know More?

More information on Draft Lifestyle 2030, Draft LMLEP 2011, and Draft LMDCP 2011 is available via the links to the right of this page.

In addition, you can subscribe to the Planning 2011 eNewsletter to receive updates regarding the progress of these planning documents and other landuse planning matters in Lake Macquarie.

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