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LIGHT RAIL INNER WEST Project Update 29 June 2011


Project Update 29 June 2011

Where is the project up to?

Planning approval for the construction of the Inner West Light Rail Extension and GreenWay was granted mid February 2011 and the Department of Transport (DoT) will carry out the project in compliance with the terms of the Minister for Planning’s approval.
The NSW Government and Metro Transport Sydney (MTS), the operator of the existing Light Rail, have signed an agreement in-principle for MTS to develop the design for construction of the Inner West Light Rail Extension. Work on the development of a design for construction tendering purposes has now begun. The project team has been consulting with key stakeholders including Leichhardt, Marrickville and Ashfield Councils and the GreenWay Steering Committee in the development of this tender design. 
The community will see surveyors together with geotechnical investigations along and near the rail corridor, gathering further information to assist with the design.

What happens next?

A procurement process will then occur for the selection of a design and construction contractor.
Following the award of the design and construct contractor, detailed design will begin. The community will be consulted during the development of the detailed design. DoT will keep the community informed of opportunities for involvement together with key project milestones.
The community will be notified of all relevant details associated with construction activities before construction begins. During the construction period plans will be put in place to minimise inconvenience to local residents, businesses and commuters.

Further information

Please contact the Project Team via toll free phone line on 1800 636 910 or email Further information is also available at
February/March Community Update
Transport NSW have outlined the light rail stops and next steps in this brochure.
Download:  Februrary March Community Update
Submissions Report on the Environmental Assessment for the Inner West Light Rail Extension
Visit the Department of Planning's website to view the Submissions Report.


Following the announcement of the light rail, local residents, community group Friends of the GreenWay and local Councils lobbied extensively for the GreenWay, a walking and cycling path in the corridor, along with a number of bushcare sites, to be included in the scope of the project.
On Monday 19 July 2010 the Government announced that the GreenWay will be included in the project, giving Sydney its first environmentally sustainable, integrated transport corridor, which will run from the Cooks River to Iron Cove.
Restoration work has been completed including replacing the ballast, sleepers and rail track to ensure a reliable, safe and comfortable light rail passenger service. Local community information sessions(PDF) were held during August and September 2010,
The GreenWay Steering Committee,  GreenWay Sustainability Project and local community groups will continue to work closely with the Department of Transport to oversee the detailed design and implementation of the GreenWay and light rail.

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