Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Wollongong DA Compliance for exceptional projects

DA Compliance for exceptional projects – questions for candidates.

Posted by reformwcc on August 4, 2011
Reformwcc has received a copy of a message to Council from a concerned group regarding the apparent lack of compliance with a development approval for a business in the Helensburgh area.
As I do not know the facts I will not comment on that specific matter, but it appears (in general terms) to align with a similar situation in the Coledale area.
Opposition came from local Coledale-Wombarra people to a development proposal which provided for a comparatively enormous residence on land not zoned residential and on a previously development free platform area of the escarpment. The land was reportedly bought for a song (by the previous owner) probably due to the fact that it was not zoned residential.
The Trojan House was done in the name of a “manager’s residence” in connection with a comparatively modest proposed ecotourism accommodation business (some small cabins down at street level). This was, apparently, in keeping with the zoning. The Land and Environment Court overrode WCC and the business was approved.
The enormous manager’s residence has now been built but there is no sign of four cabins for the manager to attend to as shown on the original plan.
It may be that all is in order with a schedule of works and a timeline for the business to start, or there has been a proper modification of the original application, but how are members of the public to know? It does not appear on track as part of the area for the cabins looks as though it has been used for a large solar panel array.
But rather than raising specific cases, perhaps we can we add the issue of D.A. compliance into the discussional mix for candidates to address in the election campaign? There are several other well-known cases.
“Given the lack of resources for Council officers to ensure compliance with development approval consent conditions, how do you propose to address the compliance with conditions of consent issue if you are elected? Should consent be withdrawn, or other penalties applied, if the proposed business does not comply with conditions, and/or start on time or otherwise materialise?”
Or something like that. Let the candidates apply their creative talents to these bread and butter local government community issues and impress us with their answers.
Bruce Reyburn
(Note – is not part of any political party or group and has not endorsed or announced support for any candidates in the Wollongong City Council election.)

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