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Flat Pack home, buy it get tradesmen or woman to put it up..

Flat Pack home, buy it get tradesmen or woman to put it up..
First you will need Owner Builder Permit.

Owner Builder

What owner builders should keep in mind
before buying a Kit Home.

Owner builders should be aware that most councils will not approve your building permit if it is not designed with engineering that conforms to the correct wind rating, nor will it be approved if it does not meet with the energy efficiency criteria for your particular home.

You should....

- Ask your local council's building department what wind rating and category your home will be approved for. (eg W41, Cyclonic etc.)

- Have a soil test done so that there is no delay with footing/slab design. Most councils require a percolation test where no sewerage is available.

Once Mecano have the information regarding the wind speed and category we can then supply the engineered certified energy efficiency calculations.
Note: Mecano from time to time offer bulk purchase kit homes that are supplied with a generic energy efficiency rating, providing your home is positioned true north, or true south, or true east, or true west. This is because the energy efficiency calculation is subject to the direction of the house as it relates to the sun, shade, glazing, insulation, etc.

Because Mecano supply just the lock-up kit, you should get familiar with local plumbers/electricians that can assist with a plumbing plan and electricity to site. although you have decided to go "owner builder" a plumber will have to submit a plumbing plan along with the engineered plans and elevations received from Mecano. Your local electrician may suggest a temporary building pole.
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If you haven't yet applied for the owner builder's course, there are at least three ways you may apply. 

  1. TAFE College - One is very likely to be available within a reasonable distance from you.
  2. Download an application form at
  3. Phone the Building Services Authority (BSA) and ask for the nearest place to collect an Owner Builder's application form. Their Phone number is 1300 272 272 (1300 BSA BSA)
 source : mecano

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