Thursday, 20 October 2011

Deliver exactly what that buyer wants

As with any property you need to make a property that delivers exactly what that buyer wants.
What do I mean.

1. Price point. How much is the range low to high.
And what price range are they buying TODAY.
What is the exact price of properties that are selling at.

2. Their tastes . eg Floor Boards , Kitchen , Bathroom. Parking. 

3. The paint, yes the paint. That buyer likes modern colours and that can make a big difference.

4. Lifestyle - yes its amazing what an outdoor setting with a Stainless Steel BBQ and then comes the internal fit out. Hint: its not Ikea its Space Furniture. HIRE IT so they can DREAM IT.

MOST IMPORTANT is to do an apm report on the buyers. AGE , JOB , TRANSPORT.

Also I think the agent is also super important. They need to communicate and attract to the buyer.
You also need them to prove to you what the comparable are.

I have had great results with one agent who now knows my buyers so well that he guides me
straight away, when buying what the criteria is.

Good Luck remember any help needed I will do my best to guide you email me
but remember.
You need to do the research, I can guide you but I was taught that you need to prove things to yourself and my mentor guided me to do this.

I really love her direction she has always said to me WHAT DO YOU THINK.

She listened to the answers then came back with an opinion and advice on what more I should do or what direction I should go.......Do the figures and prove the cost of the buy with comparable.

Don't pay too much....and what ever you do pay must be able to match a deal on the market.
I prefer run down property that is totally not what the market wants and then change the percentages of the buyers from me the 10% to the 90% of buyers that want a property exactly for what they envisage.

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