Wednesday, 5 October 2011

NEW iPHONE not 5 but iPHONE 4s

NEW iPHONE not 5 but 4s

Yes iPhone 4S available soon.
You talk to it and it talks back. No Shit...ask it about what restaurant is in your area with Italian food
and it tells you....WOW.....ask it who has the best Real Estate blog in the world and it goes to
say to it who is the most handsome plumber this photo comes up.

With the 3s , the s stood for speed. looks the same for the 4s.
US STARTING PRICE $199 bucks yes $199
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The 4s is a dual core A5 chip. and the new phone has an 8 MEGAPIXEL camera.
The new phone has new faster and feature packed iOS 5 operating system (much better)
and of cause iCloud, offline in the internet virtual world operating.
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Basically iClould means you data sits on a cloud in the sky and you look up in the sky and
there it is and your phone grabs it.
When hackers hack your cloud it rains and all your information falls out of the cloud and on the ground and wets everyone. HA HA HA.

I have just got an iPhone 4s Today . no I don't yet its comes out October 14, Please buy me one and send to me as anise GIFT. If you do get one on contract get a TELSTRA one. Don't ask me about other companies. Telstra is the best because an iPhone is about data and they are the quickest.
Enjoy.....When is iPHONE 5 um probably Christmas.

Bad news even thoe Telstra will have one it won't be extra fast yet.
source: The Australian

THE new iPhone 4S will be available in Australia from October 14, but it will not work on the country's new 4G networks.
Telstra this morning said it was gearing to sell the new iPhone as it becomes available.

“We’re pleased to confirm that Telstra will be bringing iPhone 4S to our customers when it launches in Australia,” a Telstra spokesman said.

However it is understood the phone will not be compatible with the telco’s new 4G network.

It is understood the peak download speed of the new iPhone will be 14.4 megabits per second using the HSPA protocol.

Apple said the iPhone 4S would run in the US on GSM and CDMA networks.
Optus this morning confirmed it would sell the new iPhone.
"Following this morning’s announcement, we can confirm Optus will be selling the iPhone 4S in Australia. We will share further information soon," a spokesperson said.
Vodafone too said it would stock the iPhone 4S in Australia.
On its Australian site Apple has confirmed n October 14 availability date with a recommended retail price from $799 - with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models being available.

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