Saturday, 29 October 2011

Redrawing the Australian map for 2050 VIDEO

Video below (for travis relax and listen)
if you cant see video below click on the title above and go straight to the website.

Brian Haratsis, managing director and chief economist at MacroPlan Australia, and Joe Langley, senior executive for urban planning at Sinclair Knight Mertz, detail their 21st century Australian map.
View the discussion around hotspots for growth, population, migration, the labour market, economy, value capture strategies, and the types of development that Haratsis and Langley want to see occur.

Also of interest Our Nation app
Our Nation app enables users to explore alternate futures, based on population - and looks at settlement, hardware and software needs.
Property Council CEO Peter Verwer demonstrates the capabilities of the app, still in beta testing.
He discusses some of the app's scenarios, sustainable growth and alternative action plans with Andrew Macleod, Committee for Melbourne CEO, and Professor Brian Howe AO, COAG Reform Council on Cities chair.

View the discussion around:
  • How many Australians there will be
  • Where people will live
  • Community software and hardware that need to be planned for
  • What a growing Australia might demand of its leaders

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