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State approves work on Bellvista 2

State approves work on Bellvista 2

WORK on more than 700 residential lots to provide homes for up to 1500 people on the Sunshine Coast will be under way by the end of the month.

Deputy Premier Paul Lucas this morning announced the Urban Land Development Authority had approved two development applications at Bellvista 2 as part of the Caloundra South UDA with early works expected to begin shortly.
Mr Lucas said the Sunshine Coast was experiencing housing pressures and Bellvista two would bring more supply to the tight property market.

"The Sunshine Coast isn't only a great place to holiday, it's also a great place to live," Mr Lucas said.
"More and more people are recognising that and that's why projects like the Caloundra South UDA are important.
"The approval of these development applications at Bellvista 2 will help ease pressures being exerted on the property market on the Sunshine Coast and 25% of houses across Caloundra South will provide for people on low to moderate incomes.

"Large scale projects such as this will provide longer term prospects of sustainable employment with the entire Caloundra South project expected to support more than 15,000 jobs."
ULDA chief executive officer Paul Eagles said the development at Bellvista 2 will be undertaken by Stockland and deliver 708 residential lots across more than 90 hectares.
"Development in Bellvista 2 was identified for early release in the Interim Land Use Plan to bring on more affordable housing within the UDA sooner," Mr Eagles said.
"Feedback from the community about the development schemes for the Caloundra South UDA during the public consultation process has been considered in the approval by the ULDA of the Bellvista 2 development applications.

"As part of the approval process, the development applications were also referred to key stakeholders including the Sunshine Coast Regional Council, the Department of Transport and Main Roads, the Department of Environment and Resource Management and Unity Water for their input."
The ULDA's approval of Bellvista 2 also provides for an upgrade of the Caloundra Road/Bellvista Boulevard roundabout to cater for traffic expected with the future development.
Traffic generation reviews by independent consultants concluded that widening Bellvista Boulevard to four lanes is not necessary at this point in time, and instead will include a left hand slip lane for traffic exiting Bellvista Boulevard onto Caloundra Road to manage the traffic flow.
The submitted Caloundra South UDA Development Scheme recognises the need to upgrade Bellvista Boulevard from 2 lanes to 4 lanes in the future to support traffic demands in Caloundra South.
Development near the aerodrome was also a discussion point during the consultation process and one of the approved development applications is for lots near that site.
Th e Sunshine Coast Airport Corporation was consulted during the planning stages of the UDA and information provided by the corporation has been factored into the approval for these development applications.a

"I want to assure the community that greater noise attenuation measures are in place for affected sites in Bellvista 2 than previously in the region," Mr Eagles said.
"Affected homes must be attenuated to 80 decibels during construction through building techniques such as double glazing and insulation.
"Potential buyers must be made aware of potential noise during the purchasing process and a statement detailing the noise issue will also be included in the contract of sale for sites in affected areas."

The Caloundra South Urban Development Area (UDA) was declared 22 October 2010 and covers 2,360 hectares.
Approval for Bellvista 2 has been achieved in less than 12 months.
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Stockland has announced that Bellvista II will be known as “Bells Reach”.
Bells ….Bellvista, Bells Creek, Christmas Bells (significant local flower).  Reach ….everything in reach …. Caloundra (including beaches), Bellvista community, Caloundra South, affordability, sustainability….

The building of the new Sunshine Coast University Hospital will provide employment for up to 5,000 professional workers.  Younger professional workers will require smaller modern housing options and it is expected the smaller blocks will be most suitable for these people.  Smaller 200 square metre blocks will comprise somewhere between 6% and 7% of the total lots for sale.  So of the 700 new lots, somewhere between 40 and 45 of the blocks will be of the smaller size.

It is expected that an environmentally friendly Caloundra South will encourage new industry to build on the Sunshine Coast.  Provision for new industry has been catered for in the Caloundra South project.

source: sunshinecoastdaily

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