Thursday, 10 November 2011

Sustainable Chippendale tour 12 November

Special tour

  • 1130 am – 1230 – Saturday 12 November 2011
To celebrate the publication of the second edition of the book, Sustainable House, and to make the information about it more widely available, I’m offering a special tour of the house, including a signed copy of the book.

No bookings  but places limited so please arrive ten minutes before the tour begins so you may pay and the tour may begin on time.

  • 1130 am – 1230 – Saturday 12 November 2011

We’ll also look at how we’re growing food in the road gardens.
The tours will show what’s happened after 15 years of living in a sustainable house.  The tours will explain some of the data which is in the book.  The book will be provided on the tour as part of the tour.
  • What’s happened after 1.5 million litres of sewage has gone into the garden?
  • How have the solar panels lasted after 14 years?
  • What’s worked and what hasn’t?
  • How has the house saved over $30,000 in water and energy bills?
Cost is $55 for the tour and the book (which retails at $45), $70 for a couple including one book, and $15 for every person after that.
Bookings and payment on the day of the tour, please.  Please arrive ten minutes early so you may pay and the tour may begin on time on time.
Cameras welcome,
See you there, at the little house that could . . . and yours can, too . . .

Editor – Check out the contacts page for address details.
The Plan
To read the plan click here.
The local community and our resident sustainability expert Michael Mobbs have worked with The City of Sydney to explore viable options for creating sustainable suburbs in Sydney.

The current project that is under way in Chippendale gives people the opportunity to tour Michael’s ‘Sustainable House’ and see first hand how for 15 years he has used rain water, recycled treated sewage, harvested the sun’s energy to achieve energy and water bills of less than $300 a year.
Here is a basic outline of the plan:
  • Reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Cool the suburb (e.g. increasing the tree canopy, using different construction materials in our roads, footways and buildings)
  • Introduce more energy efficient street and footway lighting
  • Harvest and reuse rainwater
  • Establish additional road and verge gardens
  • Increase the use of car share
  • Provide improved access and safety for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Grow more local food and increasing biodiversity.
 To read the full Plan click here.
  Like what you read? Want to help to make it all a reality? Take action now and email Mayor Clover Moore to ask her to make the Plan a reality soon! - It is easy and will only take a few seconds simply click on the link: Have your say!

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