Sunday, 18 December 2011

THE DREAM company starting New import of houses from CHINA


Hi there we are Tim and Li Li  a couple just like you 
We have been Renovating Properties over the last five years together and have found it Hard to find Cash Flow Positive Properties
This started us thinking Outside the Box, how can we have Cash Flow Properties and also how can we Help others to find them .....
This is how "Out the Box Dream Homes" came about
Our Dream is to teach people how to make money out of property as Economically as Possible
by using their wasted backyard by putting a Granny Flat or put our Dream homes onto existing properties
You can have a Granny Flat in your Backyard that will return 15% plus yeild on your Investment
The more Positive people we surround Ourselves with the Quicker the Dream will Build, then the more people we will have Helped ..... It's a Circle ......

If We can be of any Help to you or your friends just holla ..... Tim n Li Li (":")
"Out the Box Dream Homes"
Tim Overton and Shellie Chen
          0413 099 758

Tim Overton
T6 Group Pty Ltd
Wollongong Australia
Out the Box Dream Homes ..... Facebook
Skype ....  tim.t6group
Facebook .... "Out the Box Dream Homes"

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