Sunday, 25 December 2011

Free Money if you have a heritage property

Assistance and Benefits

Local Heritage Fund

If you own a heritage property and you think well, I can't knock it down.
Then do it up with the councils money...
Council’s Local Heritage Assistance Fund provides small grants to owners of heritage items and properties in conservation areas, for work that will improve the heritage value of a property. This might include maintenance work or reinstatement of missing original features such as fences, verandahs and decorative details.
In July 2011 Council approved an interim increase in heritage grants for the next 3 years to individual properties; with grants being limited to:
  • $1,300 for applications up to $5,000 in value;
  • $2,650 for applications between $5,000 to $20,000 in value; and
  • $3,300 for applications over $20,000 in value. 
local heritage facade
The restoration of the verandah of this property in the Epping/Eastwood Conservation Area received a grant from Council's Local Heritage Fund
For more information phone Council’s Land Use Team on 9806 5093.
Funds may be also be available from the NSW Heritage Branch of the Department of Planning for conservation work to state heritage listed properties.

Find out if your council does

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