Wednesday, 28 December 2011

NSW Planning System Review READ ALL ABOUT IT


- The NSW Government has released: The Issues Paper of  the NSW Planning System Review; entitled, 'The way ahead for planning in NSW?' - for public comment on 6 December 2011.

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 The Paper outlines the key issues raised during the Listening and Scoping consultation phase of the review. You can view or download the Issues Paper in full (121 pages in PDF format), by clicking on the image below, or you can access each section individually. 

There are too many different types of development and their titles and categorisation are confusing. The number and titles should be reduced and made easier to understand.

The NSW Division of Planning Institute Australia suggested that this list should be simplified and the names of the type of development made clearer. Adopting simplified development categories would also enable new planning legislation to provide a clearer structure.  A simplified list could be based on a proposed national model categorisation set out by a multi-interest group called the Development Assessment Forum.

These categories would be:      * assessable development     * certifiable development     * exempt development     * prohibited development.      

The first of these categories can accommodate several tracks for the assessment process, without the need for separate categories of development in separate parts of legislation.       These potential new categories are merely an example of the ways in which present development applications might be simplified.

There is no doubt, however, that the present complexity must be rationalised.    

- Construction of a dedicated freight track between Epping and Pennant Hills was announced as part of a major Commonwealth Govt project - NSFC - starting March 2012, and finished by June 2016.

  - A NSW Transport Masterplan process was announced by the Government on 30 November, 2011 -
it will involve public consultation until November, 2012 (See our 'Rail Lines' menu option).   

- HSC are extending the Lease of the 'building known as Epping YMCA Centre' to YMCA of Sydney for a further 21 years, following upgrade work by the lessee (HSC ref F2009/00832) 

- The NSW Government has reached agreement with Hills M2, the operator of the Hills M2 Motorway for the conversion of the motorway to cashless or  fully electronic toll collection on 30 January 2012   - Demolition of the old Poplars Hospital has commenced. Aged Care facility construction to commence in new year, and open in mid 2013

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