Friday, 30 December 2011

Rezoning of Muswellbrook Showground

President confident rezone proposal will gain approval


16 Dec, 2011 08:59 AM
A flood of objection letters against the proposed rezoning of Muswellbrook Showground has been labelled a “scaremongering” tactic by the president of the Upper Hunter Show committee. Despite the proposal receiving more than 200 letters opposing the rezone, president Keith Googe (pictured) said he was confident the plan would move ahead.

“I am hoping that due to the amount of time and effort that has gone into this rezoning and the amount of money that has gone into the rezoning that it will come to fruition,” Mr Googe said.

“It certainly would be a pity if a minority in our community who have been scaremongering actually would jeopardise what the broader community could get from the rezoning.”

Mr Googe said the proposed rezone, sale and planned relocation of the showground to Skellatar Park Racecourse had the opportunity to give Muswellbrook a top-rate entertainment venue.

The show committee held their monthly meeting on Tuesday night and Mr Googe said an overwhelming majority of committee members were in favour of the sale and rezone.

“The rezoning is supported by the committee … the committee is definitely in the majority about the rezoning.”
Concerns regarding a conflict of interest for Mr Googe, who is also a Muswellbrook Race Club board member, were also raised at the meeting.
“I was asked at the meeting by one of the senior committee members what my thoughts on that were and if I saw it as a conflict of interest,” Mr Googe said.

“In my opinion, I can see it more as an advantage.
“When I am on each committee I am acting in the best interests of both parties.
“I can speak firsthand on information without going backwards and forwards.”

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