Monday, 2 January 2012

How to find minimum lot sizes for possible subdivisions

How to find minimum lot sizes for possible subdivisions
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I like yellow
now look what could be sub divided in yellow areas.
What do you do?
Well you look at the smallest lot size and what colour it is on the map
Then you look at blocks that look larger then others in yellow zone.
Now look closer and see if they meet a size double that of the minimum lot size
that is allowed in Yellow Zone.
Whammooo found a block of land with house and land way over the minimum lot size ,
three times over, NOW
Go and see owner and see if they will sell the land.
First how much is land worth
Second ring council town planner and say Hay can I subdivide (the big land address)
and Third prepare a plan of what it is worth to buy.
Next drive by land and see if it looks good.
Fifth get address from the RP DATA and get phone number of the owner or go see them.

COOL look below examples other areas....
Thanks DYMPHNA for the teachings ,,,,see it really works....

Sutherland Shire Local Environmental Plan 2000

more maps

gold coast good one


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