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A new vision for the Coffs Harbour City Centre

New land zoned for housing and employment 

A new vision for the Coffs Harbour City Centre, which will support the provision of housing for 5,000 additional residents and the creation of 2,000 jobs, has been approved by the department. The new local environmental plan (LEP) for the CBD, Jetty Precinct and Park Beach areas will sit alongside a vision statement and development control plan to guide Coffs Harbour’s future for the next 25 years.

Coffs Harbour City Centre Local Environmental Plan 2011



Coffs council unhappy with state government development approval

Posted January 7, 2011 10:44:00
Opponents of a State government approval of a large coastal development north of Coffs Harbour want the decision overturned.
Plans for a 200-lot subdivision between Hearnes Lake and Sandy Beach have won partial concept approval from the Planning minister, Tony Kelly.
The 12-million dollar residential subdivision won partial approval this week.
The local council and the community argue the area can only support 35 new housing lots.
The mayor, Keith Rhoades, says the minister has made a ridiculous decision, and the council will see if appealing against it, is an option.
"We'll get advice on that," he said.
"But I know from other projects, the legislation clearly states that your opportunity and right of appeal against approvals under part 3A of the planning act in New South Wales are very, very limited.
"So, we'll get advised on that, then we will re-asses our position from there."
Councillor Rhoades says he is furious at the decision, because it could lead to massive environmental impacts, including flooding.
"This is another ridiculous decision being made under the legislation that controls part 3A planning within New South Wales," he said.
"Where you can bypass your local council, you can bypass your local community's input and go directly to the government and in this case for the minister, one person, to be the determining authority and that is wrong."

2010 news

IT IS the detailed vision of how the Coffs Harbour Jetty Foreshores should look, according to a group of prominent Coffs Coast residents.

A collective of business people and community leaders, known as Think Tank: Coffs Harbour 2050, has produced a preliminary concept for the harbourside precinct.
It proposes an extended commercial precinct linking the Jetty strip with Jordan Esplanade and low-scale residential and tourist accommodation on the railway line.
Foreshore parkland would be retained as public land, while the rail crossing and Marina Drive would be realigned to improve vehicle and pedestrian access.
Think Tank: Coffs Harbour 2050’s grand plan will be submitted to the Coffs Harbour City Centre Plan.
This joint initiative of the Coffs Harbour Council and the Department of Planning aims to grow the regional economy and reinvigorate the city centre.
Think Tank 2050 spokesman and former city councillor Ian Hogbin said the group strongly believes the harbourside precinct should be protected and retained for the use of residents and visitors.
“We also believe that the precinct is in much need of refurbishment and renewal in order for its full potential, as one of our biggest attractions, to be realised,” Mr Hogbin said.
“The harbourside precinct has been the subject of an inordinate number of studies and investigations including masterplans, feasibility studies, plans of management and development control plans.
“Think Tank: Coffs Harbour 2050 believes that Coffs Harbour City Centre Plan really is our best chance to bring to fruition the renewal of this key regional community asset.”
“In order for this to occur we have to get it right,” he said.
Acknowledging community consultation over the years calling for no development east of the railway line, the group says its proposed development would need to be carefully considered and designed.
The members of Think Tank: Coffs Harbour 2050 are Ian Hogbin, Bob Prater, Rod McKelvey, Kim Towner, Paige Sinclair, Chris Spencer, Gerard Klinkers, Tony Clegg, John Black, Peter Lubans, Garry Murray, Simon Waterworth, Vil Brickman, Barry Booth, David Jeffrey, Steve Gooley and Brent Rees.

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