Thursday, 16 February 2012

Can you move an Entire town up hill YES YOU CAN in QLD

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More than 130 houses were damaged in the valley community of 360 residents and 10 lives were lost.
Grantham has struggled to get back on its feet and there were fears it could be abandoned when some residents were unable or unwilling to rebuild.
More than 70 families took part in the first land-swap ballot, with the second ballot to take place early in the new year.
Council is still in the preliminary planning stages for the land it acquired which sits in the flood zone.
It's likely to be transformed into park and community market gardens.

Could be a time to buy and build ?????

The connection of the fibre optic network to 150 residents moving to higher ground, will be a bonus for the community.

Almost half the flood-devastated families in Grantham who signed up to swap their ravaged home for a new block of land have been offered their first preference.

Deeds were on Thursday mailed to 71 families who joined stage one of a "like-for-like" ballot, as part of a $40 million disaster recovery plan hatched by the Lockyer Valley Regional Council to ensure Grantham isn't abandoned.

More than 70 per cent of participants were offered one of their first three preferences.

Under the swap deal the titles of flood-ravaged residential properties that have been cleared will be transferred to the council and used for farming and parkland.

A council spokesman said an open day would be held on Wednesday to encourage other people devastated by the floods to register for a second ballot.

More than 130 houses in Grantham - which has a population of about 360 - were damaged by the floods.

The floods claimed 17 lives in valley communities, 10 of them in Grantham.

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Grantham Development Scheme.

Reconstructing Queensland - The New Grantham

Following the devastating events of January 2011 in the town of Grantham, PLACE Design Group were asked by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority to assist in the preparation of a development scheme for the first designated reconstruction area under the new Queensland Reconstruction Authority’s powers.
The Queensland Reconstruction Authority together with the Lockyer Valley Regional Council worked in consultation to develop a plan which provides for a prosperous future for Grantham and the Lockyer Valley residents. The Development Scheme for the Grantham Reconstruction Area outlines the blueprint for the reconstruction of Grantham and the vision for the new estate which will enable some flood affected Lockyer Valley residents to be in homes in the new Grantham estate by Christmas 2011.
Under an accelerated design and development process, PLACE Design Group were pleased to be able to assist in the preparation of the development scheme, land use plan and infrastructure plan for the declared reconstruction area. Our ecologists undertook environmental sensitivity and land use planning analysis for a number of threatened species known or expected to use parts of the relictual natural habitats within the reconstruction area. 
PLACE Design Group also prepared a number of perspective images and 3D animations to provide residents with a realistic vision of the new estate in context with the existing township and surrounding areas.



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