Thursday, 9 February 2012

DIY megastore has desires Emerald

THE battle for a slice of the $42 billion DIY pie nationwide may have nailed a new retail entrant to Emerald in Woolworths' Masters Home Improvement.

The megastore, part of a planned rollout of 150 stores across Australia by joint venture partners Woolworths Australia and the US hardware giant Lowes, would be the first outside the south-east corner in Queensland.

A delegated approval granted on December 19
for the 12,313sq m development will go before the Central Highlands Regional Council on Monday.

"I think it shows Woolworths as a company has a lot of confidence in the region," Mayor Peter Maguire said.

"It's not just about Emerald. It shows there is a lot of confidence out here and companies are prepared to invest significant amounts of money in a new model in Masters."

A Woolworths' spokesman said the company's immediate focus was on staffing and opening its Big W and new Woolworths at the soon-to-be-completed Central Highlands Marketplace in Emerald.

Vancard Pty Ltd
Preliminary Approval - Material Change of use to override the
Emerald Shire Planning Scheme (Amendment no 1- 2009) pursuant to section

3.1.6 of the Integrated Planning Act 1997 by identifying an alternate planning precinct and
development assessment table (i.e. Town Zone – Light Industrial Precinct) for stages 1 and 2

(inclusive of levels of assessment and
applicable codes of the Planning Scheme); and Development Permit - Reconfiguration of Lot –three (3) lots into twenty-three (23) lot subdivision to be developed in two (2) Stages.

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