Coal seam gas companies to pay landowners more
Under the newly elected Campbell Newman Government Queensland coal seam gas producers may have to pay more compensation to farmers and landholders.
According to the Financial Review Newman said if companies used private land to look for gas they would have to pay a compensation bill.
Newman said while he didn't want more regulation for the industry he did support introducing tougher standards.

"There will be tougher environmental standards and the science needs to be done in some of these more different geological areas when there are concerns about groundwater," he said.
"Future projects will have to face the test of science."
Under the Newman Government CSG companies must provide "full and fair" compensation to landowners for the impact of the industry.

According to the Financial Review one analyst put the compensation bill at around $250 million a year for 20 years for each of the major CSG projects in Queensland.
A spokesperson for Origin Energy told the AFR the CSG industry was already heavily regulated and it did not need tougher standards.

Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association chief operating officer Rick Wilkinson said the results of the Queensland election showed voters were not troubled by CSG.
Wilkinson said an exit poll conducted on behalf of the APPEA showed the economy, health, and political behavior were major issues for voters, not CSG.

The Greens and other CSG activists have already criticised the newly elected LNP for mining and gas policies they say are similar to the former Labor Government.

After the Queensland election Rob Katter, who claimed the seat of Mount Isa for Katter's Australian Party, said voters would soon discover they had elected a "similar animal" to the Bligh Government with respect to mining policy.