Sunday, 11 March 2012

KOGARAH Council will consider rezoning land on the Princes Highway

Eight-storey plan 'overbearing'

15 Feb, 2012 07:00 AM
KOGARAH Council will consider rezoning land on the Princes Highway earmarked for a 75-unit development,The eight-storey development was described as "overbearing" by the Southern Sydney Design Review Panel.
The council's working party for Planning and Environmental Services met last week to discuss land use restrictions for a proposal at 21-37 Princes Highway.

A draft zoning will be prepared for the site, based on design review panel recommendations that found the development inappropriate in some areas.
The panel said the proposal would cause "severe overshadowing" for nearby properties, while presenting "minimal cross ventilation" and "excessive traffic noise" to its own residents.

Project designers Nordon Jago Architects declined to comment on the project.
The panel called for a redesign of the development.
"Even the relatively new developments on the other side of the highway are from three to five storeys high," it said. "The panel considers that seven levels should be the absolute maximum but that the upper levels should be set back significantly so as to minimise the overshadowing of the adjacent one and two storey dwellings."
The council will prepare draft restrictions for the site, which include a maximum height of seven storeys, rather than the eight in the original design.
Is eight storeys too high?

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