Wednesday, 14 March 2012

More money pours into Wandoan

March 14, 2012 source QBR

Leighton Holdings’ subsidiary John Holland has been awarded the contract for construction of the Columboola to Wandoan South Transmission Line project in south-west Queensland, on behalf of Powerlink.

The scope of work for Part A of the contract includes the construction of 70 kilometres of double circuit 275kV transmission line between Columboola and Wandoan South substations.

It also includes 5.5km of double circuit 132kV transmission lines between Wandoan South and Woleebee Creek substations, which will help secure the region’s electricity supply.

Part B of the contract includes the provision of complete assembly and workshop drawings, structure prototype inspection and prototype testing of four S-Series transmission line towers.

It also involves the construction of another 65km of line in the region, with routes being finalised.

John Hollands’ General Manager of Energy, Ravi Syam, says that the contract cements the company’s position as a market leader in the power and electrical sectors.

“The award adds to our current portfolio of work in the power and electrical sectors, including the Gladstone to Calliope and Bouldercombe to Callide transmission line projects,” Syam says.

Site works on Part A will start at the end of March. Design on Part B will begin immediately with site works scheduled to commence in early 2013.

Western Downs Regional Council Major Projects
Columboola to Wandoan South 275kV Transmission Line & Wandoan South Substation Project
Over the next five years, strong growth driven by energy and resource developments is expected to occur in the Western Downs region of South West Queensland. This growth, together with growth in supporting industries and domestic business means additional electricity infrastructure is needed to meet the region's forecast electricity demands. Powerlink Queensland has identified the need to extend its high voltage electricity transmission network into the region.
Columboola to Wandoan South Transmission Line and Substation

Powerlink is proposing to construction a new 71km, 275kV transmission line between Ergon Energy’s existing Columboola Switching Station located 9km east of Miles, and a new 275/132kV substation on Gatsby’s Road in the Woleebee area, 30km south-west of Wandoan. New 100m wide easements will be required to cater for the proposed transmission line, with enough space for a future line if needed to meet longer-term electricity needs in the region.
An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is currently under way. The Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) has now been prepared which outlines the Preliminary Alignment for the line and location of the substation, and looks at any potential impact of the proposed infrastructure in this location and identifies ways to manage and/or mitigate any impacts. Public comment is invited on the EIS. No decision will be made about the final alignment of the line or the location of the substation until a comprehensive EIA process and related consultation has been completed.
Project Timetable
About Powerlink Queensland
Powerlink Queensland is a State Government-owned corporation that owns, develops and operates the $5.6 billion high voltage electricity transmission network that extends 1700km from Cairns to the New South Wales border. This network transports high voltage electricity from generators to the electricity distribution networks owned by Ergon Energy and ENERGEX.
Electric and Magnetic Fields
Electric and magnetic fields (EMF) are found everywhere that electricity or electrical equipment is used. The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) is the organisation charged with responsibility and national guidelines for EMF ( transmission lines. 

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