Saturday, 24 March 2012

NSW Northern Beaches NEW plans Warriewood rezoning

  1. NSW Northern Beaches NEW plans Warriewood developments
    Warriewood will be now on its way for some serious change. 

    Can you buy here now and expect to do more with your land.

    This is a Big rezone project and many people from this 
    (the good old farmers) will see good cash in there pockets. 
    Also houses on big blocks or several houses together could see possible profits from these new changes.
    Definitely worth looking at what is for sale and if it is in the proposed rezone.
    But make sure you check out flood zoning too.
    Dont buy where they think it could flood.

    There are or read some good deals around to investigate.
    look below photo's very interesting.

    Good time for option deals here or door knocking, see what houses might fall into the rezone and take advantage buy direct from home owner and profit from rebuilds or subdivisions or JV with home owners, you put no money in but split profits after you maybe combine some peoples property and do all the DA work for them?
    Many houses in this area are old and cheaply built. 
    People would love to move out of warriewood to somewhere nicer, because from my experience it was alway the lower end of town to be living in if that makes sense. 
  2. It is well worth looking at this pdf too if this interests you :

    All these sources are from :
    more sources:
    Informed Decisions (2011) Pittwater Council: Residential role and function analysis, retrieved online 8 November 2011, FINAL_1.pdf
    Landcom (2011) Residential Density Guide, accessed online 8 November 2011,
    Pittwater Council (2010) Warriewood Valley Planning Framework 2010, accessed online 8 November 2011, NwJb%2bQPm9TprcXajQoxA%3d%3d
    Pittwater Council (2011) Pittwater Local Planning Strategy – Planning for Pittwater towards 2031, accessed online 8 November 2011, BqLt3k%2fjNTprcXajQoxA%3d%3d

    3.2  Pittwater Local Planning Strategy – Planning for Pittwater towards 2031
    Pittwater Local Planning Strategy – Planning for Pittwater towards 2031, adopted by Council in August 2011, is Council’s primary land use planning document. The Local Planning Strategy:
    1. Identifies Warriewood Valley as crucial to meet delivery of 4,600 new dwellings as required by the Draft North East Subregional Strategy and 5,740 new jobs as set out in the SHOROC Regional Employment Study within the LGA by 2031.
    2. Identifies Warriewood Valley as the area with the most potential to provide affordable rental housing in Pittwater.
    3. Recognises Warriewood Square as a ‘stand-alone shopping centre’, as defined under the Metropolitan Plan for Sydney 2036 (the Metropolitan Plan).
      The Metropolitan Plan identifies the potential for existing stand-alone shopping centres to be converted to more traditional town centres over time. The Local Planning Strategy proposes the expansion of Warriewood Square and development of the Southern Buffer area into a larger retail and town centre, enabling a mix of commercial, retail and possibly residential development.
    4. Reiterates that development of the Southern Buffer help meet Pittwater’s employment target, especially with employment land in Warriewood Valley nearing capacity.
      The Southern Buffer is identified in the Draft North East Subregional Strategy and the SHOROC Employment Study as potential key employment land for Pittwater. The Local Planning Strategy supports investigation into a new retail centre in the Southern Buffer adjoining Warriewood Square to meet Pittwater’s employment targets.
      The Local Planning Strategy recommends the outcomes of the Strategic Review be incorporated into Council’s Standard Instrument Local Environmental Plan (LEP).
      3.3 Moving from the Warriewood Valley Planning Framework 2010 to the Warriewood Valley Strategic Review 2012
      The planning and development of Warriewood Valley will help deliver a sustainable residential community, the timely provision of infrastructure and services and the conservation and rehabilitation of significant environments. Both the 2010 framework and the 2012 Strategic Review establish a forward path for all undeveloped land in Warriewood Valley.
      Specifically, the Strategic Review:
      •   Identified undeveloped land capable of potential increases in dwelling density and land unable to be developed beyond existing uses and densities due to existing environmental or development constraints
      •   Assessed the impact of increased density in terms of a new centre, the potential change in urban form of the area, the environmental constraints, including the Narrabeen Creek Sea Level Rise Investigation Area,1 and the resultant needs of the local and wider population
      •   Assessed the scope of opportunity for a new mixed-use precinct in the Southern Buffer, comprising commercial, retail, civic and residential uses whilst enhancing a connected, open-space recreational precinct that complements adjoining land uses
      •   Identified issues relating to evacuation in major flood events.
        Council had previously resolved to seek the provision of 10% of any increased density

        in Warriewood Valley be ‘affordable rental housing’.2
        The outcomes of the Strategic Review will inform provision of new or improved infrastructure and any consequent local development contributions plan or other funding arrangements.

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