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How the Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday Regional Plan delivers for the Mackay subregion
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Regional planning in Queensland
The regional plan has been prepared in partnership with the Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday Regional Planning Committee, which includes local councils, state agencies and community representatives.
The regional plan is part of the state government’s wider regional planning program, led by Growth Management Queensland, within the Department of Local Government and Planning.
Queensland’s regional planning framework has been recognised as a world-class strategy for sustainable population growth. 

The plan identifies additional land for residential growth in Ooralea and Richmond and employment growth in Southern Paget and Rosella.
Sarina is the major regional centre, located in the south of the subregion. Secondary to the Mackay urban area, it serves as a major commercial and community service centre with varying housing options and some opportunity for expansion. Sarina is also earmarked for investigation for potential industrial expansion.
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Land use categories
The regional plan establishes three land use categories to manage land use and settlement pattern for the region:

  •   Urban Footprint
  •   Rural Living Area
  •   Regional Landscape and Rural Production Area.
    These designations are enacted and operate within the Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday State Planning Regulatory Provisions 2012.
    Urban Footprint
    The Urban Footprint includes urban activities however, not all land in the Urban Footprint is appropriate for development. The exact nature and extent of land uses in the Urban Footprint will be determined through local government planning schemes.
    Rural Living Area
    The Rural Living Area identifies areas currently used or suitable for future rural residential development. Limiting rural residential development to land within the Rural Living Area will help ensure appropriate access to services and facilities.

The resources sector, agriculture and industry will be key drivers for the economy. Strategies and capacity for taking advantage of these opportunities should be fostered. 

Regional Landscape and Rural Production Area
Land included in the Regional Landscape and Rural Production Area will be protected from inappropriate development, particularly urban and rural residential development. Some development is supported however, for example for tourism, community facilities and small scale business and industry projects, particularly where associated with rural activities.
The state planning regulatory provisions (SPRP) and associated regulatory maps provide assessment criteria for new development applications to enforce the land use categories set out in the regional plan. A copy of these can be downloaded at
Development areas
Development areas are identified to assist in the holistic planning for future growth to meet the region’s dwelling and employment targets.
Both Ooralea and Richmond have been identified as predominantly residential development areas to provide up to 12 500 additional residential dwellings in the medium to long-term. These development areas will link and consolidate existing urban areas. Rosella has been identified for future industrial development as industrial activities continue to occupy Paget.
Future planning will ensure appropriate infrastructure is available prior to development and that incompatible uses do not compromise the ability for residential activities to be established and function well. 

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