Friday, 20 April 2012

QLD mining Surat Basin Rail (SBR) Video

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 QLD mining Surat Basin Rail (SBR) Video 

A $1 billion joint venture project, involving Xstrata Coal, ATEC and QR, to construct a 214km Surat Basin Rail line was first announced in 2006.
It was labelled by the resources sector as the "Southern Missing Link", which will connect the Western Railway System, near Wandoan, with the Moura Railway System, at Banana, and ultimately to the coal loading facility at the Port of Gladstone.

It is estimated this project will enable at least 6.3 billion tonnes of coal reserves to be extracted across the Surat Basin. However the project's environmental impact statement (EIS) claims it is anticipated that freight traffic, including agricultural produce, could eventually be moved along the line as well.

The project has been slow off the ground with the three- year construction period, originally scheduled to begin in 2009, still to commence.

With a project capacity to transport up to 42Mtpa of coal, landholders could see up to 24 trains, each up to 2.5km in length, rolling along the rail lines every day.

The line has a minimum design life of 50 years.

The move follows the state government’s recent approval of the proposed $3 billion Wandoan Coal project, which would produce coal to be transported on the railway line to port facilities at Gladstone.
Up to 1,000 workers would be employed during construction of the railway, with a further 44 positions required to operate and maintain the infrastructure.

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