Tuesday, 24 April 2012

RAISE THE GROUND cool product fix defects in ground

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Ground Engineering

Advanced ground engineering to solve problems with houses, factories and other on-ground structures.

The Uretek Method is a unique and patented ground engineering system to solve building and construction problems.
Uretek Ground Engineering utilises expanding structural resins injected through very small holes in order to raise and re-level buildings, floors and roads etc. Uretek Deep-Injection is used to compact and strengthen foundation ground under building footings and pavements such as roads, airstrips and so forth.
We raise, relevel & resupport sunken homes, floors, roads, factories, warehouses, driveways, airports, seaports, railway bridges and platforms and many other built structures and pavements.

Uretek Ground Engineering offers you many advantages

  • Uretek's unique, structural expanding resin is injected through tiny holes, 6 or 16 mm in diameter.
  • So patented Uretek methods are like keyhole surgery!
  • The resin expands to relevel and resupport.
  • Uretek is clean: involving no excavation, no water, no cement dust and no mess - unlike concrete underpinning or mud jacking.
  • The injected Uretek material that raises and relevels a house is completely non-toxic, inert and environmentally friendly.
  • Mostly there are substantial cost savings over old-fashioned underpinning & mud jacking methods.
  • Wall cracks usually close up as floors and footings are lifted.
  • Uretek Deep Injection compacts foundation ground to provide increased support.
  • Uretek unique PowerPiles allow support columns to be retro-fitted under existing structures to greatly strengthen foundation ground.
  • The Uretek Method of ground engineering is extremely fast very convenient.
  • Most jobs take only a day or two!
  • Occupants don’t need to move out, so there’s no re-location cost.
  • Generally machinery does not have to be moved.
  • Large jobs can be done one area at a time, or even at night.

    Fast, Effective Ground Engineering

    URETEK: The most advanced modern underpinning: Fast. Cost-effective. Minimum disruption.

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