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What to do before you Renovate during the pre-settlement process.

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Keep up with the latest TRENDS. This site will show you the latest trends before you renovate your latest deal.
It is important to get an agents advice on any reno.
It does not matter if you are not using that agent.

Just buy the house then during settlement, book with the seller every tuesday to have a half hour inspection in the 4 to 6 weeks PRE settlement. In this pre-settlement, get all the quotes.

Get agents to walk through and show you what they suggest and get them to show you what they sold and how it was configured.

Tell them you are the Project Manger and you will pass all the details they give you to the client and maybe they get the sale.

Agents are your source of current buyer information. They will know what made the difference and their advice is Gold...

Check out this resource:

Browse thousands of images of real Australian homes and find some inspiration for your own home ideas.

This video is on the link 

This site is great !!!!
Also look at this page.
other links


Affordable Air Conditioning Installation

airconditioner installerArticle by Karina May
Beat the summer heat and stay cool with air conditioning. We give you the scoop on the different systems available and how to score affordable air conditioning installation.
With the mercury regularly hitting the thirsty thirties it's surprising that only 45 percent of Australian homes have air conditioners.
While most of the nation would eagerly welcome any relief from the sweltering summer days, unfortunately the hefty price tag that goes hand-in-hand with air conditioning often makes it an unrealistic option.
Not only do homeowners have to fork out for the cost of the unit, which typically ranges from $200 for a portable system right up to $12,000 for a split or ducted system, but they also have to factor in installation, running and repair costs into their budget.
But it's not all doom and gloom. Provided you're prepared to shop around and compare prices there are plenty of ways to cut costs.  
Decisions, decisions
There are so many different types of air conditioners on the market that it can be difficult to select the right one for your home.
Before making a purchase you'll need to “measure up” to work out what size unit you need and decide whether you want to cool a single room, a host of rooms or the whole house.
To make your life a little easier we've listed the main models available:
Portable systems 
This air conditioner can be plugged into a normal power point and moved easily from room to room. Air conditioning installation is not required.
Wall/window systems
This type of air conditioning unit fits into the top or bottom of a window or wall.
Split systems
This air conditioner is "split" into two components. The working unit (compressor) is fitted on the outside of the house (minimising noise) while the output device is placed inside - either in the wall, ceiling or on the floor.
Central/ducted systems
This system is effective for cooling an entire house, air is piped down ducts and through vents in the ceiling or floor.
Ducted systems
These units are capable of cooling and heating, so you save money on a heater.
Star player
Once you've settled on the type of air conditioning you'd like to install you should take the time to find the specific model that best suits your needs.
Arguably, the most important thing to look for in an air conditioner is the energy star rating. Regulated by the government, this rating allows you to make a quick comparison between the power consumption of different air conditioners.
All energy labels show possible star ratings from a minimum of one star to a maximum of six stars. However, if the air conditioner has exceptional energy efficiency it can have up to 10 stars.
Units with low star ratings might be cheaper to buy but will usually cost you much more to run.
Shop around
Once you've settled on the type of air conditioning you'd like and made a purchase it's time to shop around for a professional installer.
It's a good idea to compare a bunch of air conditioning installation quotes to ensure you're paying a fair price. According to quotes website air conditioning pricing can fall anywhere between $28* and $140* per hour depending on the complexity of the job.
Lower range quotes will typically get you basic installation only and no hard wiring and you may even be asked to supply your own brackets. If pipe and duct work is required you will probably have to pay the higher hourly fee.
Don't skimp to save 
While it might be tempting to try your hand at installing the unit yourself to save some cash, it's often a bad – and sometimes even dangerous – idea.
Potential “work” injuries aside, the effectiveness of an air conditioner is directly related to its installation. If your air conditioner is not installed properly it might not work properly – or even worse – it could get broken in the process.
Don't underestimate the difficulty of air conditioning installation. It can be a pretty tricky job so to ensure it's done properly it's essential to enlist the help of a qualified air conditioning installer.
List your air conditioning installation job now.
*Pricing data based on 73,729 quotes submitted on between October 2007 and March 2010.

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Compare Quotes & Prices from Local Businesses Over 60,000 local businesses ready to send you quotes & prices. Compare quotes for free.

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Go to this website:


Making money on property is all about the budget. So at the end of that spreadsheet

it says 126,000 instead of -36,678.

Any property deal can blow out in costs so it does not profit, the key here to making money is knowing what to pay for services.


Insurance companies always want you to get three quotes, so that should be a minimum when you need something done. My experience is that I get 10 quotes and learn from the quotes what is the true value. You will also notice different suggestions  about how to do that job.

There are so many costs saving with renovations or simple repairs. Rubbish removal is a big cost and demolition. These costs you can save on. BUT does it matter who does it. Not really here the job just needs to be done.

I would definitely use this site for these services. Just make sure you ask all the questions and get a confirmed quote in writing or email.
Never pay till job finished or pay half/half.

Lets have a look at Service Seeking .
Watch video below.

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The website

Go to the website on your iPhone or Android (argghhh , why have you not got an iPhone yet) and it looks like this.

Ok so what services would I get a quote on ?

Look at service page below, you could save lots. Look at the services. If you get quotes for these services YOU WILL SAVE MONEY.  You will need all of these services in Property and just think about below services. 


There are so many wasy you can do your easy due diligence below. Eg. Locksmiths, Gyprock and Air Conditioning, Curtains Blinds and Shutters, Pest Control, Alarms. These jobs are easy to do, You can't go to wrong here, just compare pricing. Other services like elec and plumbing and painting you need a good talented tradesperson. But maybe you meet someone that can do this for you.

Good Luck !!

Remember verify the exact

details of the job, type it up and email it

back after you get the quote.

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NSW COOGEE rezoned

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Residents love peace and quiet in Coogee

COOGEE businesses are joining the wave of opposition against plans to rezone Carr St’s eastern end.

Beach Burrito Company’s chef Par Kash, whose business has grown about 30 per cent a year since opening two years ago, said it was imperative to protect the existing businesses.
“It’s already difficult, especially in winter,” he said. 

Yasser Alahmad owns two City Mart stores on Arden St and Carr St
“Businesses are struggling now,” he said. “It’s hard to make a profit even in summer.” 

Barzura cafe is at the proposed rezoning hot spot and Rodney Sen, the owner for 18 years, said his customers were concerned about the potential impact on the peaceful area.

“They are worried that if rezoned it could create a triangle effect with the Coogee Bay and the Beach Palace,” he said.
“It is incredibly serene here - there is no yahooing or carrying-on.”
He added that any development would make parking a huge concern.
source: southern-courier

The proposal, in Randwick Council draft LEP, to rezone the residential area between Kurrawa Ave and Beach St to commercial was debated by Randwick Council tonight.
The commercial zoning was voted down by the council will allow restaurants and cafes between the Barzura Restaurant Bar and the Grand Pacific Coogee, both in the existing commercial area of Beach St.
Going into tonight’s meeting Coogee residents said they feared the beachside suburb could become “Kings Cross by the sea” if the foreshore’s southern end was rezoned.
“I just can’t believe that we are getting made the Kings Cross by the sea,” Coogee Precinct’s Del Buchanan said prior to the meeting.

THERE are some nice houses on the market, wonder if they know

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NSW Sutherland Shire - REJECTED sad Developer

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NSW Sutherland Shire - REJECTED sad Developer

Sometimes you just can't win. The area is zoned HIGH DESITY....BUT council plans to rezone it medium density residential. So developer buys and does the DA in good faith only to be told sorry we will change our mind later .....

Big fight: Councillor Phil Blight with Kirrawee residents who are unhappy their street is zoned for three-storey development. Picture: Jane Dyson
Big fight: Councillor Phil Blight with Kirrawee residents who are unhappy their street is zoned for three-storey development. Picture: Jane Dyson

Three-storey plan knocked back

19 May, 2012 02:00 PM

KIRRAWEE residents are rejoicing after Sutherland Shire Council rejected a $1.9 million development application for a three-story residential building in Flora Street.

The development broadly complied with the area's zoning and was originally recommended for approval.
But councillors accused the Department of Planning and Infrastructure of getting the zoning wrong and want the area rezoned to prevent future development of a similar nature.

The site is zoned high density residential, but the council plans to rezone it medium density residential. It also wants a two-storey, nine-metre height limit and will investigate the possibility of rezoning it again for open space.

About 15 Kirrawee residents attended the May 7 council meeting, with several interjecting to urge councillors to reject the proposal.

Councillor Phil Blight said the proposed building was far larger than surrounding homes.
"This is very poor planning," Cr Blight told the Leader.

"It shows what happens when the state government decides planning issues at a desk in the city and doesn't look at the impacts on residents' homes and yards."

The application, lodged by Bill Zervos, was originally recommended for approval by council staff.

But the Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel found it should be rejected because it was "not sympathetic to the existing streetscape" and would have an "unacceptable amenity impact" on neighbouring residents.

The Leader was unable to reach Mr Zervos for comment.

Resident George Edwards said it was "terrible" that a proposal so out of proportion with the street had come so close to being approved.

Francisco Hoffman, who lives next door to the proposed development, said a three-storey building would leave his home permanently shaded.
"The light was a really big factor in buying the house," Mr Hoffman said.

source: The Leader

Sunday, 20 May 2012

If you want to invest in MINING TOWNS READ THIS !!!!

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excellent article from

Property investors need not fear mining companies’ tantrums: Terry Ryder

By Terry Ryder
Friday, 18 May 2012

Property investors worry unduly about the utterances of resources companies.
They get the decision jitters whenever miners spit their dummies at any circumstance that suggests they might not get their own way.

Investors need to understand that the big mining companies of Australia are the masters of scare campaigns. That’s how they negotiate with government, with unions and with landlords: they threaten to scrap planned projects or shut down existing operations or refuse to sign leases for houses to accommodate their staff.

This week there were hints from BHP Billiton that the Olympic Dam expansion in South Australia is in doubt – and media outlets worked themselves into a minor frenzy over it.

I have to wonder: don’t journalists know anything that goes on? BHP Billiton has been casting doubt on the $30 billion expansion plan for a long time.

Meanwhile, the company has continued to advance the project and recently handed out substantial contracts for components of it – in other words, it’s already under way, although the final investment decision is not yet made.

That’s normal for big resources projects. By the time the board of directors gives its formal approval, the project is already being built. The $40 billion Gorgon gas project in Western Australia had handed out contracts worth many billions of dollars long before the formal board decision was taken.

It’s the same with Olympic Dam and numerous other big resources ventures around Australia.
Every time the federal government comes along with a decision that big miners don’t like – like the carbon pricing scheme and the minerals tax – the mining lobby runs a scare campaign, always with the enthusiastic support of the federal opposition.

They “warn” that mines will close, proposals will be scrapped, tens of thousands of jobs will be lost and the boom will be snuffed out.

If they and Tony Abbot had been right, dozens of major resources projects would have been killed off by now. Of course, the opposite has happened: the iron ore magnates of Western Australia are expanding like never before and the coal barons of Queensland and New South Wales are investing unprecedented billions.

Around Australia $80 billion is being spent on building new export facilities.

Yet the mining lobby continues to hint at scrapping projects and shutting down busy operations which deliver product for which there is massive overseas demand.

Xstrata has declared the death of the $6 billion Wandoan coal project in Queensland more than once. Yet it has persisted with advancing the project, continued to buy large chunks of land to facilitate it and fought very hard to win a court case earlier this year to allow it to proceed.

BHP Billiton, through its alliance with Mitsubishi in a venture known as BMA, has announced the closure of the Norwich Park coal mine near Dysart in Queensland, having become fed up with recalcitrant unionists who have hampered operations there for the past 18 months.

 Meanwhile, it’s investing $4 billion in creating a new coal mine a short distance down the road at Moranbah.
It’s also refusing to sign new leases on houses in Moranbah, because it’s unhappy with the high rent levels.
This is how big miners negotiate. We’re big, we’re powerful, if you don’t toe the line we’ll take our ball and go home.

We really shouldn’t take these things to heart. It’s not the end of Dysart as a mining town, nor does it mean Moranbah will no longer provide positive cashflow rental returns.

The Olympic Dam expansion will happen, at some point when the proponent is ready, and then Roxby Downs will grow and places like Whyalla and Port Augusta will benefit from their roles in the project.
Xstrata’s big coal mine will go ahead, despite all messages to the contrary, and Wandoan will grow exponentially from its current population of 400 (especially as there are other mining proposals in the area, plus a $1 billion rail project).

Investors should think long term, as the big miners do, and ignore the background static in mainstream media – most of it written by people who don’t really understand what’s going on.
Terry Ryder is the founder of and can be followed on Twitter.

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Cant afford render try using this Paint do-it-yourself

 Cant afford render try using this Paint do-it-yourself

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Found this at Bunnings Warehouse .
It is a paint that looks pretty much like render, I have not used this but look  at pictures below.
If you have used this please comment on it below or email me
Notice the more layers you do the more it tends to fill and look like render.
I will be using this paint paint on a Balcony to match the current render.
Look at the Blue Board and the option was tiles or paint. 

DULUX Medium Texture

Code: 195-85715
A textured product specifically formulated to modernise brick, masonry and fibre cement in a bagged textured finish


  • Water based
  • High build 100% Acrylic paint
  • Easy application
  • Bagged texture finish


  • Same day recoat and clean up
  • Proven durability at high film builds
  • Achieves texture finish without special training
  • Low cost alternative to traditional rendering and texturing methods


Coverage - 3 square metres per L

Surface Preparation

All surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and free of all dirt, loose and flaking paint. Efflorescence or mould must be treated before application of paint. New concrete, mortar or cement render must be allowed to cure for 4 to 8 weeks depending on concrete thickness and drying conditions. Fill holes with grouting cement. Wash down with water using a stiff brush to remove all loose material. To test the adhesion of previously painted surfaces, cut an 'X' through the existing paint with a sharp blade, press cellulose tape firmly across the cut and then rip the tape off. If the old paint or render comes off, it should be removed. On porous surfaces, applying a priming coat thinned with water (4 parts Medium Texture: 1 part water) will condition the surface and help aid application of additional coats.

Clean Up

Clean all equipment with water


DULUX Medium Texture is a sandy bagged texture designed to modernise brick, masonry and fibre cement surfaces.




Can be tinted to a wide range of pastel and medium depth colours.

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NSW Confirmed two precincts to be rezoned

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NSW Confirmed two precincts to be rezoned

16 May, 2012 12:00 AM

AUSTRAL and Leppington North are expected to be rezoned later this year.The two precincts were released for planning in late 2009.

This followed a public exhibition period that closed last December, when people could comment on the future urban development planned for the area.

Paul Robilliard, of the Department of Planning and Infrastructure, and the precinct's project manager, recently made a presentation at the monthly Liverpool Chamber of Commerce meeting.

He showed the business professionals some of the things they have in store for the two precincts.
"All together there will be potential for 16,500 homes in Austral and Leppington North," he said.

"It will be another township the size of Wagga Wagga."

He said the Leppington Major Town Centre will attract about 13,000 jobs and will include a TAFE and a major health facility.

There will also be a community centre, a 55-hectare light-industrial zoned area and a 70- to 75-hectare business park with 120,000 square metres of retail and mixed-business floor space.

One person in the audience suggested that they should emulate the Norwest Business Park in the new precincts.

Mr Robilliard said they hoped the precincts would attract more white-collar employment opportunities in the south-west Sydney region.

He said there was an infrastructure-delivery plan for the area.

"The town centre isn't going to just spring out of the ground overnight," he said.

"The South West Rail Link is scheduled to be completed by the year 2016 as well as the Camden Valley Way upgrade.

"The Bringelly Road upgrade will start post-2016."

He said if anyone had seen the rail-link construction site it was obvious that it was steaming ahead.
Mr Robilliard also told the businesses that there was a long-term strategy on behalf of Sydney Water for three sewerage plants in the South West Growth Centre in the future.

There could potentially be two new sewerage plants on Elizabeth Drive and another at Lowes Creek.

source : southwest advertiser

submission docs:

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There is so much more to calculating CGT than just deducting the price

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CGT Calculator

download here for $35 
     There is so much more to calculating CGT than just deducting the price you paid from the selling price. We have covered common scenarios here and tried not to bog it down with the more complex CGT issues. Accordingly, this spreadsheet should only be used as a guide. When it comes to calculating the CGT to include in your income tax return, please consult a tax qualified accountant.

Easy to use

     The spreadsheet comes with a worked example, notes and pop up boxes to help you along the way. Once again it is guaranteed not to have fancy bells and whistles or detailed, complex instructions. Everything is clearly displayed in front of you.
     An excellent tool to possibly help you realise that it is better to borrow against the property for your next investment then be left with the after tax amount. Or if you have already sold the property, it will give you an idea of what to put aside, out of the proceeds, to pay your tax. It may even show you that you cannot afford to sell the property!
     This calculator is only for real estate assets. It does not consider indexing as it would be extremely unusual for indexing to give you a better outcome because you would not be entitled to the 50% CGT discount.
     Note: This is an MS Excel file; for help using BAN TACS Accountants Excel Calculators and Spreadsheets go to our BAN TACS Excel Help page

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Tax Deductibility of Property Courses and Coaching

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Deductibility of Property Courses and Coaching from

It is rare that any tax deduction will be available for these courses, even at best only a small portion. 

So before you go spending up big in the expectation of getting a tax deduction before the 30th June, first find out just how much is tax deductible. 

In fact, questioning the tax deductibility of a course may be a way to test the credibility of the provider.

A product ruling is really the only way you can be absolutely sure the ATO will allow the deduction. Nevertheless here are some references to help you understand the issue. 

Petrovic v FC of T 2005 ATC 2169 – Had at various times a commercial property, a residential property, vacant land, provided working capital to developers and had a managed fund investment. 

Mr Petrovic attended a Henry Kaye seminar to learn how to extend his property investments and increase his rental income and paid various other fees for property information. 

The court found that the expenditure was not tax deductible because it was not “incidental and relevant or sufficiently linked to the derivation of rental income”. Further, expenditure relating to purchasing a property is capital, so not deductible against income. 

This case is so relevant to many of the property courses currently available a copy of it and ID 2003/324 has been posted on our forum in the beyond newsflash section. 

ID 2003/324 – The taxpayers were allowed to claim 20% of the seminar costs because it was only that portion of the seminar that related to rent and expenses associated with their existing rental properties (implying no deduction at all if you do not have a rental property before you attend the course).

 The remaining 80% covered how to “establish a strategy or structure for investing in rental properties” which was incurred at a point too soon to be deductible (implying that it cannot even increase the cost base). 

TD 95/60 – A fee for initially drawing up an investment plan is not deductible even if it includes existing investments, though it can be included in the cost base. 
Advice on changing the mix of investments is deductible.
So you need them to give you a detailed apportionment on a time basis of the percentage of time the course will spend on issues relating to tenants and rent as opposed to finding a property, renovating etc. Do not hand over any money until you have this information because it will be harder to get it later. 
And here is a tip, when you know their prices and what the course covers check out how that compares with a destiny course, see middle of right hand column. 

go here to sign up for news flash

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Rezoning Land from rural to residential 190 additional residential lots.

Proposed redevelopment

SITE: Wakool general manager Bruce Graham overlooks the site which will allow future residential development at Murray Downs.
SITE: Wakool general manager Bruce Graham overlooks the site which will allow future residential development at Murray Downs.

14 May, 2012 04:00 AM
A PROPOSED development at Murray Downs has the potential to double the number of residents living within the vicinity.In what has been a lengthy process, taking almost two years to finalise, last week New South Wales Minister for Planning and Infrastructure Brad Hazzard approved the planning proposal for the rezoning of land at Murray Downs.
The 19.94ha of land extends from Murray Downs Drive to the river and sits adjacent to the Murray Downs homestead.
The rezoning of the land from rural to residential will enable future residential development at the site for up to 190 additional residential lots.
Wakool Shire Council general manager Bruce Graham said the rezoning would allow a very significant upgrade of the area, in line with the overall Murray Downs masterplan.
"There's quite a lot of development planned for Murray Downs," Mr Graham said, noting another development proposal was going through the government rezoning process.
While the rezoning approval has been welcomed, Wakool Mayor Andrew Douglas said council had expressed some concerns about the length of time it took to process the applications.
"Whilst we understand the thorough procedures required to review applications, the amount of new issues that suddenly get presented by various government departments throughout the process is extremely frustrating," Cr Douglas said.
"There is no doubt that the disjointed manner of inter-departmental liaison is what ultimately delays the finalisation of these types of proposals."
"However, despite delays council welcomes this eventual positive result which will now allow developers to continue to progress with plans," he added.
In addition to the land at Murray Downs, two other rezoning applications at Barham were also approved.
They include land at the former Sundance Resort site in Yarrein Street and land at East Barham Road which have the capacity to provide approximately 210 additional residential lots.
All three rezoned sites have river frontage, likely to attract strong demand once developed.
"This will both boost the residential land supply and provide greater choice in the residential land markets in both centres," Cr Douglas said.


Sunday, 13 May 2012

Pick up a deal in UNPAID RATES AUCTION

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Just think about the bargaining power you have with properties that really have to be sold.
Some are rates default, others are just appointed. 

Before you read below look at some I found
Want to see some , click the links , they are previous and current unpaid rates properties or simply public trustee Auctions. This means council will force the sale, or else someone died or went to jail or something and just appointeted the public trustee to handle the affairs. These properties are easier to buy since the emotion of the seller is not there and hard negotiation can take place.

How did I find them? 
I am a buyers agent and this is my job find opportunity. 

For practice do the numbers on below see what they would be worth pre and post a reno or subdivision ....just click below headings.

Just click the links to view......

Forced sale for unpaid rates

  SIX Bundaberg region properties are set to be auctioned at the end of the month due to unpaid council rates, with some owners in arrears by almost $60,000.
The five vacant blocks and one residential dwelling - located in Bundaberg Central, Walkervale, Thabeban, Cordalba and Delan - have more than $100,000 outstanding, and are the most to go to auction since amalgamation in 2008.
Bundaberg Regional Council chief executive officer Peter Byrne said initially there had been seven properties to go to auction, but full payment had been made on one within the given time frame.
A 116sq m vacant block on Maryborough St has a whopping rates bill of $56,644 - the highest amount owing of the six properties.
"It's a unique piece of land, in that it is a laneway that has been carried over from a deceased estate," Mr Byrne said.
"There are several access easements over the particular block and therefore advice has been received that it would be of little benefit to any purchaser."
Mr Byrne said most of the $56,000 charge was interest accrued over "many years".
The residential block on Buzza St, Walkervale, is in arrears by $13,171, and is the first residential dwelling to proceed to auction since amalgamation.
"Since amalgamation there was one vacant block in 2011," Mr Byrne said.
"In 2010 there were four vacant blocks, (and) in 2009 there were two vacant blocks."
Mr Byrne said selling off the properties was an "absolute last resort" by the council.
"We make every effort to allow the owners to pay their rates in regular instalments," he said.
The sale is by public auction and will be conducted in the upstairs function room of the administration office at 190 Bourbong St on Wednesday, May 23.
The auction will start at 10am.
Mr Byrne said a reserve price would be fixed and, if not realised, the council would be deemed to be the purchaser at the reserve price.

Unpaid council rates force house auctions

COST-of-living pressures were rammed home yesterday when council sold three homes at auction to recoup unpaid rates.
One property sold for $355,000 less than its purchase price.

The three-level, three-bedroom house on 647sq m at 16 Vantage Point Drive, Burleigh Heads, was bought by Philip and Michelle Blackwell for $900,000 seven years ago and sold yesterday for $545,000.
  The second property, a unit in the Mediterranean East tower on The Esplanade at Burleigh Heads, realised $215,000.
The third, a 1732sq m vacant site at 20 Ladds Ridge Road, Burleigh Heads, was passed in on a bid of $220,000.
Negotiations for purchase of the land, which has a site value of $285,000, began with the high bidder following the auction.
Nine of the 12 listed properties were withdrawn after the rates arrears were paid.

Yesterday's auction follows a similar event on May 4 to recover rates debts and the council has scheduled a third for May 14.
A council spokesman said of the 21 properties scheduled for sale last Friday, only five were auctioned.
He said the situation was similar with next Monday's auction, with eight of the 13 properties initially listed now withdrawn following payment of debts.

"Council undertakes such auctions only after all other options to resolve the debt have been exhausted and only when rates and charges are three years or more in arrears," the spokesman said.
"Over the past three years, of 24 properties that were advertised, only a small number have been sold for overdue rates and charges.
"Properties are withdrawn from sale as soon as payment for outstanding debt is received and the council monitors this up until the auction."
A report released by the Department of Local Government in September showed one in six, or 15.9 per cent, of Gold Coast ratepayers were in arrears with their rates in the 2009-10 year.
It also showed Gold Coast ratepayers were slugged with some of the highest rates in the state, with the city placing seventh among the 52 Queensland councils examined.


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

QLD Wandoan what happening with the new MINE

QLD Wandoan what happening with the new MINE

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This is my new blog for WANDOAN ONLY
please register this blog if you are investing in Wandoan.





Cuesta Coal Completes Further Drilling at East Wandoan Project
completion drilling and initial results from the East Wandoan exploration ... Figure 1: Completed Drill hole sites for the 2012 drill season at East Wandoan.

read full pdf here.

8 May 2012
Cuesta Coal Completes Further Drilling at
East Wandoan Project
Argonaut Resources NL (Argonaut) advises that Cuesta Coal Limited (ASX: CQC) have
announced the completion of drilling and initial results from the East Wandoan exploration
A copy of the announcement by Cuesta Coal is attached to this release.
For further information:
Lindsay Owler
Argonaut Resources NL
+856 21 222 887

Cuesta Coal Limited
PO Box Q716
QVB NSW 1230
Suite 15.01
31 Market St
Sydney NSW 2000
+61 2 9284 5900
+61 2 9284 5999

Cuesta Coal completes further drilling at its East Wandoan Project “Thorn Hill”
 39 holes completed for 4,050 metres of drilling
 Drilling aimed at substantially increasing current JORC inferred resource of 23.9Mt
 A total of 59 holes for in excess 7,000 metres of drilling has been completed by Cuesta Coal
at East Wandoan Project since Q2, 2011
 Confirmation of shallow coal seams in new target area 5km North West of “Thorn Hill”
Sydney, 8th May 2012: The Directors of Cuesta Coal Limited (“Cuesta”) are pleased to announce the
completion drilling and initial results from the East Wandoan exploration activities.
Highlights include:
 35 open PCD holes and 4 Cored Holes, totalling 4050 metres of drilling completed
3647.5 metres drilled in PCD Holes.
402.5 metres drilled in Core Holes, 79.93 metres of corded cut.
 Drilling aimed to increase current JORC inferred resource in the recently named “Thorn Hill”
 Drilling confirmed continuation of coal seams extending further north of the current Thorn Hill
JORC Inferred Resource
 Confirmation of shallow coal seams present 5km northwest of current JORC Inferred Resource
confirming an additional target area for follow up drilling, labelled Target Area 2 (Figure 1).
The Thorn Hill Deposit (Figure 1) is targeting Taroom Coal Measures at open cut depths, less than
100m from surface. The program was focussed in the southern portion of EPC 1955 (90% JV with
Australian Pacific Coal Limited), where the previously announced inferred resource of 23.9 Mt is
located. The objective of the exploration campaign was to increase the size of the resource. A total of
23 drill holes had net cumulative thicknesses greater than 6m of coal.
All of the holes were geophysically logged, coal sampled from the coring activities has been provided
to the analytical coal laboratory for analysis. Drill data has been provided to Encompass Mining for
interpretation and will be used to provide a revised resource calculation which will be provided to the
market upon completion.

Cuesta Coal’s Director of Operations, Mr Keith McKnight said “ ……results exceeded our expectations
and the exploration activities were completed on time and within budget”.
Managing Director, Mr Matt Crawford added “we are extremely happy with our first exploration
campaign of 2012, which again demonstrates that Cuesta can deliver on its exploration objectives in a
timely and cost efficient manner”.


About Cuesta Coal
$20 million to fund an aggressive 2 year exploration, mine scoping and feasibility study program onCuesta Coal Limited (“Cuesta”) listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on the 4th of May 2012 raising four key projects areas in the Queensland Coal Basins.

Cuesta has assembled a diverse portfolio of thermal and coking coal exploration prospects within the Bowen, Surat and Galilee basins, the company’s core projects are well situated geographically with
over 11,000kmof exploration ground in total.

Cuesta’s balanced portfolio consists of a pipeline of projects ranging from advanced exploration requiring resource definition drilling, to conceptual lateral opportunities requiring scout drilling. 

The projects are located in close proximity to current and future planned infrastructure.

Cuesta has an advanced exploration programme underway which commenced in the second quarter of 2011 completing in excess of 6,000m of drilling at three project sites. 

The company has established operating systems and is fully funded to undertake its planned 2012 & 2013 drill programmes, with in
excess of 12,000m planned for 2012 alone.