Friday, 25 May 2012

Compare Quotes & Prices from Local Businesses Over 60,000 local businesses ready to send you quotes & prices. Compare quotes for free.

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Go to this website:


Making money on property is all about the budget. So at the end of that spreadsheet

it says 126,000 instead of -36,678.

Any property deal can blow out in costs so it does not profit, the key here to making money is knowing what to pay for services.


Insurance companies always want you to get three quotes, so that should be a minimum when you need something done. My experience is that I get 10 quotes and learn from the quotes what is the true value. You will also notice different suggestions  about how to do that job.

There are so many costs saving with renovations or simple repairs. Rubbish removal is a big cost and demolition. These costs you can save on. BUT does it matter who does it. Not really here the job just needs to be done.

I would definitely use this site for these services. Just make sure you ask all the questions and get a confirmed quote in writing or email.
Never pay till job finished or pay half/half.

Lets have a look at Service Seeking .
Watch video below.

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The website

Go to the website on your iPhone or Android (argghhh , why have you not got an iPhone yet) and it looks like this.

Ok so what services would I get a quote on ?

Look at service page below, you could save lots. Look at the services. If you get quotes for these services YOU WILL SAVE MONEY.  You will need all of these services in Property and just think about below services. 


There are so many wasy you can do your easy due diligence below. Eg. Locksmiths, Gyprock and Air Conditioning, Curtains Blinds and Shutters, Pest Control, Alarms. These jobs are easy to do, You can't go to wrong here, just compare pricing. Other services like elec and plumbing and painting you need a good talented tradesperson. But maybe you meet someone that can do this for you.

Good Luck !!

Remember verify the exact

details of the job, type it up and email it

back after you get the quote.

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