Thursday, 3 May 2012


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Check out website, where you can guess auction results in Melbourne and Sydney
Also a  cash prize  can be won .

The Game

The Property Tycoon is an online game which is free to play. There is no financial commitment to be made by any player at anytime.

Players are free to join or leave the game at anytime. The Property Tycoon reserves the right to receive advertising income from the web site.

By signing up to play Property Tycoon each subscriber agrees to receive 2 emails per week. A results email every Monday and a tip reminder email every Thursday.

The game comprises three competitions a year, Autumn, Winter and Spring, spanning 10 weeks.
Each player tips on 5 auctions coming up the following weekend. New properties will be up loaded on the Monday before the weekend auctions.

You look confused. Need some help?

First step is to register to play property Tycoon on our home page. Registration is FREE!

Property Tycoon is played over 3 ten week seasons throughout the year. Autumn, Winter and Spring.
Each Monday 5 new properties due to be auctioned the coming Saturday will be added to the site and be ready for your tips.

Click on the photos, maps and stats area to find out more about the property. Research the market to determine how much you think the property will sell for.

Use the slider on the tipping page to enter your tips. To refine your tip use the right/left arrow on your keyboard.

If your tip is within a $50,000 range of the auction sale price you will 'win' the property. For example if you tip $500,000 the property must sell for between $475,000 and $525,000 to win.

Every property you win will be added to your virtual portfolio and the auction sale price of each property won will be added to your portfolio value. Your portfolio value will always appear in the top banner of the main page. You can see your portfolio by clicking on the 'My Portfolio' tab on the main page.

 The lock out starts at 9.30am Saturday morning and ends at midnight on Saturday night.

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