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What to do before you Renovate during the pre-settlement process.

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Keep up with the latest TRENDS. This site will show you the latest trends before you renovate your latest deal.
It is important to get an agents advice on any reno.
It does not matter if you are not using that agent.

Just buy the house then during settlement, book with the seller every tuesday to have a half hour inspection in the 4 to 6 weeks PRE settlement. In this pre-settlement, get all the quotes.

Get agents to walk through and show you what they suggest and get them to show you what they sold and how it was configured.

Tell them you are the Project Manger and you will pass all the details they give you to the client and maybe they get the sale.

Agents are your source of current buyer information. They will know what made the difference and their advice is Gold...

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Browse thousands of images of real Australian homes and find some inspiration for your own home ideas.

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Affordable Air Conditioning Installation

airconditioner installerArticle by Karina May
Beat the summer heat and stay cool with air conditioning. We give you the scoop on the different systems available and how to score affordable air conditioning installation.
With the mercury regularly hitting the thirsty thirties it's surprising that only 45 percent of Australian homes have air conditioners.
While most of the nation would eagerly welcome any relief from the sweltering summer days, unfortunately the hefty price tag that goes hand-in-hand with air conditioning often makes it an unrealistic option.
Not only do homeowners have to fork out for the cost of the unit, which typically ranges from $200 for a portable system right up to $12,000 for a split or ducted system, but they also have to factor in installation, running and repair costs into their budget.
But it's not all doom and gloom. Provided you're prepared to shop around and compare prices there are plenty of ways to cut costs.  
Decisions, decisions
There are so many different types of air conditioners on the market that it can be difficult to select the right one for your home.
Before making a purchase you'll need to “measure up” to work out what size unit you need and decide whether you want to cool a single room, a host of rooms or the whole house.
To make your life a little easier we've listed the main models available:
Portable systems 
This air conditioner can be plugged into a normal power point and moved easily from room to room. Air conditioning installation is not required.
Wall/window systems
This type of air conditioning unit fits into the top or bottom of a window or wall.
Split systems
This air conditioner is "split" into two components. The working unit (compressor) is fitted on the outside of the house (minimising noise) while the output device is placed inside - either in the wall, ceiling or on the floor.
Central/ducted systems
This system is effective for cooling an entire house, air is piped down ducts and through vents in the ceiling or floor.
Ducted systems
These units are capable of cooling and heating, so you save money on a heater.
Star player
Once you've settled on the type of air conditioning you'd like to install you should take the time to find the specific model that best suits your needs.
Arguably, the most important thing to look for in an air conditioner is the energy star rating. Regulated by the government, this rating allows you to make a quick comparison between the power consumption of different air conditioners.
All energy labels show possible star ratings from a minimum of one star to a maximum of six stars. However, if the air conditioner has exceptional energy efficiency it can have up to 10 stars.
Units with low star ratings might be cheaper to buy but will usually cost you much more to run.
Shop around
Once you've settled on the type of air conditioning you'd like and made a purchase it's time to shop around for a professional installer.
It's a good idea to compare a bunch of air conditioning installation quotes to ensure you're paying a fair price. According to quotes website air conditioning pricing can fall anywhere between $28* and $140* per hour depending on the complexity of the job.
Lower range quotes will typically get you basic installation only and no hard wiring and you may even be asked to supply your own brackets. If pipe and duct work is required you will probably have to pay the higher hourly fee.
Don't skimp to save 
While it might be tempting to try your hand at installing the unit yourself to save some cash, it's often a bad – and sometimes even dangerous – idea.
Potential “work” injuries aside, the effectiveness of an air conditioner is directly related to its installation. If your air conditioner is not installed properly it might not work properly – or even worse – it could get broken in the process.
Don't underestimate the difficulty of air conditioning installation. It can be a pretty tricky job so to ensure it's done properly it's essential to enlist the help of a qualified air conditioning installer.
List your air conditioning installation job now.
*Pricing data based on 73,729 quotes submitted on between October 2007 and March 2010.


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