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Great Property Law Website.....simple english....too

Great Property Law Website.....simple english....too

Who are they

Mullens have a great website explaining in plain english , all types of property Law.
They also specialise in servicing the strata industry.
They have excellent Seminar Papers on located at this link:

They also heavily concentrate on STRATA Laws so if you are in a strata or a manager you need to subscribe to their news letter here

I really enjoyed reading the articles below:
1. Disputes between neighbours
Here they talk about  the law relating to some of the most common and challenging types of neighbourhood disputes that affect owners corporations and strata managers.

It explains the 88k 

The NSW Parliament recognised that people may require access to neighbouring land for various purposes including to permit construction work to be carried out on their land. Therefore, in 1996 the Parliament introduced section 88K into the Conveyancing Act 1919 by the Property Legislation Amendment (Easements) Act 1995. The focus of section 88K is on the problem of a lack of access to neighbouring land in closely settled areas for building activities on adjoining land, although it has wider application than merely in that situation: Bloom.

and even better the Access to Neighbouring Land Act 2000

Access to Neighbouring Land Act 2000

On 1 January 2001 the Access to Neighbouring Land Act 2000 (“Access Act”) commenced.
This Act provides a means for a person carrying out work on his or her own land (or a person carrying out work on their behalf, such as a builder), but who requires access to adjoining or adjacent land to carry out that work, to apply to the local court for a neighbouring land access order: section 7.
An access order may be made in a number of circumstances including to permit work such as the construction, repair, maintenance, improvement, decoration, alteration, adjustment, renewal or demolition of buildings and other structures; inspections to ascertain if such work is required; and making plans in connection with such work: section 12.

Mullens have many services :

They also explain services for below, just click on the text below.


Address: First Floor, 240 Princes Highway, Arncliffe NSW 22
Business hours: 9.00am ~ 5.30pm
Telephone: 9562 1266
Fax: 95678551
After hours: Mobile 0400 621 266

We act for a wide range of owners corporations, community associations, neighbourhood associations, Building Management Committees, company title corporations, lot owners and developers who turn to us for quality and innovative legal advice.
We provide our clients with -
  • Clear and timely answers to difficult questions.
  • Innovative solutions to unusual problems.
  • The winning edge in litigation.
We specialise in servicing the strata industry. Our clients are strata managers, owners corporations, lot owners and developers. We aim not only to provide a service within the framework of the strata legislation but to provide a full range of legal services to assist our clients in all aspects of the development and day to day management of group title communities.

A harmonious well structured community is a developer’s best advertisement. We help developers create integrated, functional communities through advice at all stages of planning and implementation:
  • Advising on development structure
  • Preparing documentation
  • Development contracts
  • Building management statements
  • Strata management statements
  • Community and neighbourhood management statements
  • Development of by-laws
  • Subdivisions and re-subdivisions of lots in community property
  • Community title subdivision
  • Staged development
Management is the key to successful group living. Sound advice and skilled drafting is critical to the effective operation of any scheme. This is just as true for relationships between group members as it is for the arrangements entered into between group associations and other parties such as caretakers, managers, neighbours, service providers and prospective licensees. We provide a full range of services to help implement management decisions and facilitate the smooth running of any scheme including the following areas:
  • General advice
  • Meetings
  • Caretaker agreements
  • Management agreements
  • Service contracts
  • By-Laws
  • O H & S
  • Sales of management rights
  • Sales of strata rolls
Building & Construction
We provide a full range of building services, both front end (contractual) and back end (dispute resolution) to developers, associations and owners. We draft documentation to facilitate a trouble free construction process but if a dispute does arise we can deal with the problem by bringing to bear a range of skills from expertise in alternative dispute resolution to outstanding litigation and advocacy talent.
  • Building defect claims
  • Home warranty insurance claims
  • Building and construction litigation
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Drafting building contracts
  • Security of payment claims
Even in the best managed schemes and projects disputes will sometimes arise. Our expertise lies in the comprehensive range of skills of our litigators and a focus on winning the best result for our client. We have the skills to achieve that result through alternative dispute resolution or through litigation. Either way our team has a winning attitude dedicated to your success at all levels:
  • Mediation
  • Adjudication applications
  • CTTT
  • Federal, Supreme, District and Local Courts
  • Injunctions and specific performance
Strata Disputes
Disputes within group title schemes can make life for occupants in the scheme intolerable. We bring our expertise to bear in helping individuals and associations resolve problems and issues. We can structure by-laws and rules to assist in harmonious living and bring to account those who refuse to do so.”
General Property Work
We provide a full range of general property services for all properties in NSW as well as group title properties:
  • Conveyancing
  • Leases
  • Licences
  • Easements

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