Wednesday, 25 July 2012


ABS Stats Loads Your iPhone or iPad With Major Australian Statistics

The ABS has decided to temporarily suspend its new iPhone App. This decision has been made as the app was inadvertently linked to 2006 Census data rather than 2011 Census data. The app will be back up and running as soon as possible.

so keep an eye on the website.

iOS: If you’re a statistics geek, this is mobile manna. The official Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) iOS app includes customisable key economic indicators, the ability to search 2011 census data by postcode for information on general demographics, and a constantly updated population projection for Australia.
The app also includes links to key sections of the ABS web site and its social media accounts. For in-depth drilling, the site is still going to be your main resource (and on a tablet, statistics are pretty accessible), but this is a handy addition for basic data without hunting through the online version. One neat trick: you can access census data for your current location.
ABS Stats is a free download for iOS devices.